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Hey Guys

I’m shopping around for a VH for my company . webhosting of 2 domains with around 20 -30 mail accounts.

I had a look at Mweb , R340 pm for Linux VS , uncapped traffic and 50GB storage

other option is hetzner with a basic business hosting with 100 mail accounts but limited in 2Gb traffic and 5 GB storage

do you guys know of any better options , ie price and no limits traffic wise ?

Must be local, I’m assuming?

For what it’s worth, this site runs on a dedicated machine, intel quad core, 32gb ram, 2x 3tb disks, 20tb bandwidth a month (running at 1gbit, exceed 20tb and get throttled to 100mbit) for 49 Euros a month, hosted by

no need to be local , but currently paying about R200 a month for webpage and mails with about 2GB traffic , our current SP only allows 1.5GB traffic and we getting charged extra for additional bandwidth …

49 euro for us a month would be a bit of a overkill

Look at their website, they have VPS and other dedicated machines too, for much cheaper. Bandwidth is almost free.

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Thanks TG , I had a look , my German is a bit rusty but I’ll check it out :smiley:

How much do you know about running mail and webservers?
You can get fairly cheap local VPS but then that requires you to be able to maintain it.
Otherwise get a shared hosting that allows unlimited mail accounts via someone like (international reseller)

Hey Arby , the plan is to run it myself , doing mailservers for clients so I have the knowledge.
Cheapest VPS without any traffic limits are Mweb with 340 pm , that I have found so far

Hetzner cheapest package can almost work , 1.49 Euro pm but the storage is just to little. only 2GB
currently we are on 6GB

I see Afrihost has cloud hosting as well at a good price , anyone know if they are any good ?

You can change the language. Link I provided should be in English.

Apparently Afrihost had a bad run of late:

I am also a very happy with Hetzner so far, so can recommend them.

For cloud hosting, I am biased, so would rather refrain from commenting. :smile:

I was just going to say Afrihost has been battling.
WA battled a bunch at the start too but my VPS has been great for the last 8 months or so.

Hi Eyeball, I run a small webhosting company. I’ve also looked at local options for dedicated servers and VPS and to be honest, they do not compare in the slightest with the overseas options, both in terms of specs and price.
I currently use and for a couple of VPS which I use as dedicated mail relays for spam and virus scanning although each one would be more than capable of doing what you need.

You can also check out which often has major specials going on. For example, I got this in Amsterdam for $6.82 / month:
Operating System: CentOS 6 32Bit
IPv6 Address: 1
Disk Space: 100 GB
Bandwidth: 1.95 TB
Memory: 2 GB
VSwap: 1 GB

In LA, I have an SSD based DDOS protected VPS for $3!

Sorry to say, but SA just can’t compete.


Hey Arda

Thank you very much for this :slight_smile:

I will check it out