War Geeks

Was curious.

How many active WG’s are there these days? Are any of the old bunch left? Supa etc?

Check tonight here: :wink:

I’ll take my inclusion in “the old bunch” as a great compliment sir :wink:

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I’m around :slight_smile: Will try and load bf3 for tonight :wink:

Edit: I didn’t see who started the thread… Hey HT :slight_smile:

Oh haai gaais:-)

I’m not OLD!

I prefer to stay young as well. :slight_smile: Must be all that gaming.

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Denial is not just a river that runs through Egypt :wink:

Well if you guys still have / can find your old BF2 discs…have a look at Project Reality 1.2. :smiley:

Not sure if I am a WrG still :stuck_out_tongue: but im here. lulz

Even the extinct members remains can be found lurking around.

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Good to see you back.