Wednesday Dungeon Crawls

Right time to revive those dungeon crawls. Some new fractals out and the devs are going to be pushing a ton of new content soon.
Might be nice to group up to do some new content too.
I generally know what is happening so can help if anyone gets confused in them.
So who is keen?!?!

i’d love to this Wednesday, but I might not make it within the time constraints. Big project started.

All good, will still try organise, come if you can.
@gus will try track you down in game and drag you in :stuck_out_tongue:

I am definitely interested as well.

Good stuff, will be nice to run some dungeons with you again.

Note, there is a 440 MB update today, so start GuildWars early if you want to play tonight.

Oh man I hope mine will be done in time. 2mb connection and I will only be home around 7-7:30 tonight.

:frowning: I’m only getting home at 6:30!

With your connection that should be plenty. I wonder if its the new content starting.
I think the first bit is the scarlett wrapup and the explanation for those big thumpy things lurking all over the place.

Yes, something about wurms and thumpers it seems.

mine? it’s a measly 6144 kbps (6mb)

Ahh great, been waiting for that.
Its the new Bloodtide coast world boss, should also be the Aetherblade finale.

I have 3mb :frowning:

Interested but still waiting on Telkom :thumbsdown:

Yeah I heard last night you were still waiting.
Im super keen to get you and Damia back in too, we had such chilled dungeon crawls with no one getting upset about things.

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Getting the download errors again. :unamused:

Urgh no dude :frowning:
I just remembered I have an afrihost mifi 5gb lying around. Updating at 1.4mb/s atm \0/

Why, oh why must they push patches every Wednesday, why cant they pick Thursdays?! :angry: finally started downloading now. Should be done in 30mins.

I am done for the evening. Had a busy day, so pretty tired.

My internet was so broken last night. I tried and kept lagging out.
Sorry Gus, I was keen to run something with you dude.