We're back!

Hello and welcome back to the War Geeks Clan site. Unfrozen from the ice where it has lain since 2019.
There’s still some bits that are dripping condensation, but I’ll work on that as we go along.

Welcome back! Your old usernames and passwords should all still work. If you need me to update an email address on your account, let me know either via Discord or Telegram.

Love & Kisses!


I should add that I can look up usernames and reset passwords for you too.

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And a happy welcome back. Was wondering where the clan had dispersed to.

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Discord and telegram mainly. If you DM me your number I can add you to the telegram group.

Do we really want Thumpy there?! We never got the marks out of the carpet last time!

Oh how long it’s been! Always think back about the gnome and human warrior days we had. :slight_smile:

Hello! Is this thing on?

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Wow , seeing a lot of old faces on here :smiley:

Dat was only because I forgot to take my armoured boots off and the gnomes were squidgy.

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So this is what Teej does when he can’t sleep… I just chase my cat around the house.

Hi everyone, don’t mind me, I’ll just sit quietly in this here corner. Hope I can remember my password, 10 chars exceeds my normal brain capacity… :crazy_face:

Speak for yourself, the years have been kind for some of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sad Rabbit GIF by Muffin & Nuts

You make me sad.

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Men age like wine, women age like milk…
So most of us are just getting finer by the day.


Well well well. Hello all!. Apart from speaking to Punky every year or so and still having the Megnut lolling and liking my Facebook posts on rare occasions I though you had all joined monasteries or cults.

We emigrated to Ireland in 2019 after selling up. Who is still left in RSA?


So you’ve moved to potatoes from chickens?

Party Dancing GIF by Florida Georgia Line


A few of us still around ZA… some probably more temporary than others.

I are now purely a consumer of agricultural goods.


Just moved to the UK. 2 month ago actually. Presently residing in Ascot until we get ourselves sorted.


Yip still in S.A