What have you been listening to?

I’ll start.

Ahhhhhhhh make it STOP please please …

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Saffers, good song too.

hahaha soooo gay :slight_smile:

I think its quite a good song for a local band.
Stop moaning about my song and go practice aiming with sniper rifles :stuck_out_tongue:

Debs & my song:

Bland, terribly bland :blush:

Most annoying song. They seem to be playing it everytime i get into the car. Time to load up new tunes on my ipod.


That’s awful. Thankfully my car has a native interface for my ipod, so I don’t have to listen to anything else.

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haha, the minute it comes on, I hit the source button so fast on my radio which switches to the ipod. Just tired of the songs on it as well :stuck_out_tongue: need to load up some new playlists.