What's going on?

What’s up with ESO lately?

I’m getting frequent disconnects and 10 odd minutes roll back plus it’s crashing every now and again.

Anyone else having issues?

I haven’t played since last week. Been enjoying Space Engineers more. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had 1 disconnect over the weekend where the game just closed, but other than that no problem.

I’ve just had about an hour’s roll back. I looted some epic gear, FFS. this is annoying.

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I haven’t played since last week some time. I’m wary about losing gold and bank slots that seem to randomly disappear.

I dunno Barrymore. I have no idea what’s causing it. I’ve contacted customer support. :’(

I’ve officially done the same quest 4 times now.

I was hit with the bank bug a few days ago and subsequently read up a lot about it. The general consensus is that when the megaserver is full you automatically get swapped over to an overflow server, but there is a bit of a problem with the communication between the 2 servers. The result is that your bank slots are reverted to the default 60 slots, any gold stored in the bank is gone, overflow items are put in character inventory but if there’s no space it’s just gone, rollbacks on quests, lost skill points etc. etc. Basically it corrupts the data for your account kept on their side. “Luckily” for me, I only lost bank slots.

According to the forums, they should roll out a patch for that this week still. It wasn’t included in yesterdays patch, but it we have another patch this week, it should be to fix this. If they don’t fix this by the 7th of May, I will cancel my subscription until they do. For me (who likes crafting) playing with only 60 bank slots is impossible. I have already created 2 alts to serve as temp banks but the inventory management is becoming a pain in the behind.

On a different note, where the hell are you guys. It’s only me and Gassie that play most nights. Voicy does too but because he’s in a different faction, we cant play together and apparently he’s also scared to use TS. It’s an MMO dammit.

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That explains it all! Thanks Org :smile:

I’d better go check my bank.

I’ll play again, once we have this magic patch :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: got a email response from support telling me the same thing, thanks again @Org