What's your GFX settings?

I’ve got these:

If I turn up terrain decoration players can hide easily as it adds more grass etc. Same goes for Effects & lighting & post process

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How do I check? This is what it looks like:

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Ok so hold on…
Suppose mine are on Ultra all round and I’m hiding in grass and another player has theirs on Low all round…
They will NOT have grass on their screen so they will see me?

That’s BS.

Yep, thats why you need to put the terrain decoration on low.

Put that in ur pipe and smoke it :smile:

The only way I can play the game is by having most settings on low otherwise I dont see people, but yes lower gfx quality means less cover to hide in. Its always been that way, in clan matches everything but soldier models was turned to min.

HA! I lost my gpu apparently. (notice the title is a bit misleading, “directx mantle”)