Windows 8

For all those who find the OS a little frustrating, you’re not the only one…


I think the best thing would be for the top execs to try install stuff like that themselves so that they can see what end users are feeling.
When he does get it installed I hope the charms related menus stop working so he can see how that sucks too.

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Or perhaps the start menu’s search will break, causing him to be unable to use any windows on that monitor until he reboots?

Think the article is wishful thinking, but the chances are that there would be changes with Bill getting involved with that side of the business…

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I like the ubuntu\osx things they copied

Probably skipped 9 due to naming conventions of the old windows 95 & 98. so Windows 9 would be confusing because it’s always referred to as windows 9x, also the kernel was 9x.

There was a joke on reddit:


anyhow this is how MS are going to get you to buy windows 10.

DirectX 12 will only be available with windows 10. Judging from the beta DX12, you want DX12. It has similar performance to AMD’s mantle. (it has enough oohmph that bf4 can be run from AMD’s igpu, yes a frikken igp running bf4 on high)

That makes a lot of sense and is most likely the real reason for the name, but maybe they wanted every good version of windows to have be an even number, rather than an odd one?