WrG Clan BF Server

BF5 is only launching in 2016.
What are we doing for 2015?

I’m fairly keen on Hardline - it could be a nice fun change of pace for Muster nights.
What are your thoughts? Not sure if I’ll buy it if I’ll be the only one playing from our clan.

You totally fell for my troll in TS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’ll probably go back to BF4 for a year.

Hardline, not for me thanks.

BF5 gets interesting because DICE will not be developing it.

I’ll sponsor a 16 slot BF4 server if there are enough Geeks wanting to play.

The BF4 we played on Thursday was great - it has definitely improved a lot over the last patch or two !

Server ordered.
I’ll set up some admin accounts and give you guys the details later today.

@TeeGee, would you mind popping your TDM weapons scripts etc onto the new server?


well that will make it interesting or totally lame :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as you give me some info, I’ll set up the layer again. I’ll need full access to the backend though.

Our new BF4 server is live (if you missed the facebook, twitter and battlelog posts).


all installed again

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Now if only the script kiddies would let us play.

Even got premium for the occassion :smiley:


Me too believe it or not.


woot :smiley:

Sooooo we gonna try it tonight?

Yes :smile:

Interestingly, this is on the battlefield News page:

With Battlefield 4 Final Stand released, we hope and believe that you will enjoy it together with the rest of the game for a long time. However, there is one thing we want to assure you: there is more content coming for Battlefield 4.

We will share details on exactly what this new content will be, and when it will arrive, in the near future. We understand that this may lead to even more questions about our plans, but rest assured that we’ll get back to you on the future of Battlefield 4 when the time is right.

A DICE Poll on reimagined maps:

Are they finally releasing hardline as a DLC pack?

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LOL. I’m sure they definitely have that in mind :grin:

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I left origin on Installing BF4 overnight, but this morning it was still on 0%. So by accident I right-clicked on BF4 on the My Games page of Origin and lo and behold, there was a repair option. I clicked on it and this is the result. Going to to take me a few nights of after 12 downloading to get this through (no uncapped but 30 GB free between 12 and 6 in the morning)

That’s annoying. Sorry, Org. :frowning: