X-Plane Addons

You can get them at x-plane.org. There are free downloads and forums, as well as payware.

I’ve just bought my first commercial addon. The Airbus A380. I got the entire collection.

The X-Plane ATC is notoriously horrible. Yes, even in X-Plane 11, it’s apparently horrible, but I haven’t gotten it yet, so can’t confirm if it has been fixed yet. Anyway, there’s an AI ATC plugin available, which apparently works quite well:


FSCloud is an new approach to Flight Simulator multiplayer (FSX Multiplayer, FSX:Steam Multiplayer, P3D Multiplayer, XPlane Multiplayer). It is independent of the built in multiplayer and uses its own protocol and connection network. If it links in with VATSIM then it will bring the flight sim experience to life. That and FacetracknoIR should make the core of a pretty immersive experience.

EDIT If you head along to FScloud and scroll down you can see a world map with all the pilots online. Mouse over a plane, left click and see who the pilot is, some detail on his flight and the aircraft he is flying. Pretty cool imo

Interesting mod explained in this Youtube vid that enhances the lighting.

Xsquawkbox is allegedly the only way to connect to VATSIM

Now you can actually fly over not only your house but any place on earth thanks to Ortho4XP. Ortho4XP works by grabbing and then processing satellite images for Xplane 11. Demo video here from whence I unashamedly copy n pasted the blurb directly above.

How to here.

Ortho4XP https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cjjwu92mausoh04/AACt-QzgMRwKDL392K_Ux3cPa?dl=0

You will need Python https://www.python.org/

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I want something like VATSIM but with AI ATC. I don’t like having to interact with human strangers, so while I find the concept of VATSIM (and IVAO) appealing, the fact that you have to deal with actual humans is a problem for me.

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So I tried Ortho4xp. There are some extra things the bloke in the video doesnt tell you. As per my comment on his video. “Great Vid, thank you! Just a comment on downloading from OSM at zoom level higher than 16. I kept getting a timeout when trying it and then went to have a look at their site. Apparently you now need special system admin permission first before tiles can be downloaded at zoom level 17 and higher. https://operations.osmfoundation.org/policies/tiles/. One more note the Scenery_Packs config file Luna edits at 9:35 will not have any lines in it referring to Ortho4xp at first. Before you edit this file you first have to load into X Plane and start a new flight. Dont do anything else just exit straight out and then go to the file and you will see the lines he is talking about.”

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Busy doing this now. Thanks for the notes.

Additional Notes: Avoid using OSM for the most part.
This is useful:

I installed the hd meshes for my location, and then used that to generate the overlay for orthoxp. I created some tiles around my area, and the area i travelled to on my holiday a few weeks ago. I must say I’m quite impressed at how accurate it is. I could even literally pick out my house.

We can go anywhere in the world and yet we choose our houses :joy: - Same for google maps, whats the first thing you do? Go look at your house. :joy:

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