X-Plane Scenery Addons

Scenery Libraries, required by a lot of scenery:
OpenSceneryX: http://www.opensceneryx.com/ (~320Mb) Installer
R2-Library: http://xplane.cz/en/r2-library/ (~34Mb) Zip File


  • SimHeaven.com - This site has fairly comprehensive scenery. Multiple Gb of (very good) scenery.
    • OSM (Open Street Map) Requires OpenSceneryX
    • Photo Sceneries Requires R2-Library

And when I say multiple Gb… just taking the areas that interested me (not even close to the entire catalogue), it’s 100gb.

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The placement of autogen buildings is pretty horrible, but in areas where the OpenStreet Map building data is more populated (such as Europe), the buildings are more accurate.

Seattle Area, flight using the default plane.

Flying west over the N12 heading towards Gilooleys. The road left to right is the Edenvale Rd turnoff.

Flying south-ish towards Benoni, the lakes and the mine dump visible.

Flying right over my house (just in front of the left wing)

Flying over Gilooley’s interchange.

Wonder where I am now?

Robben Island visible in the distance

Is that Table Mountain?