ArcheAge - Rant here


I have a guild house for us, one house away from the specialty workbench in lilyut hills.
If you’re facing the workbench turn 90’ degree’s left then it’s the second house in.

I will place some regal stations for all to use, feel free to store packs and what not. It’s for the guild.

edit: It’s built! grab two logs, light the fire in the fireplace and make sure you have one pot of memory ink on you to make a portal to it. - will place guild storage in it soon. There’s our guild bank :stuck_out_tongue:



• 5 Days of Patron Time (This will not appear as an item and will be applied to your account)
• 15 Superior Worker’s Compensation (500 LP each)
• 2 Loyalty Token 15-Pack
• 3 Greedy Goblin Gummies
• 3 Frankenflavor Jawbreaker
• 3 Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkin


Just sign in to your glyph account management page, find the Compensation pack (will list as 0 credits), click Buy now, choose which toon you want it to apply to, and voila you’re done.


I’ve been playing Skyrim :stuck_out_tongue:


We have joined another guild - Hell Hippogriph. They are about 15 players and do regular Hasla and GHA runs.


so how do we get an invite?


Just add Gecko to your friends list and chat with him ingame. You can tell him you are with Torsdan and Erland. … or wait until I log and introduce you.


Flea … TG … Where are you?


I’ve been on most of today.


I haven’t played in a while.


Word on the reddit is that this game is failing hard. I haven’t played since last year.

Servers still crashing like crazy, many bots, lots of hacks etc.

Looks like nothing has changed then.


I also stopped playing last year, too much grinding :grimacing:


I logged in and have been playing a bit today, they have really relaxed the Labour Points system.

Anyhow, running around doing stuff for about two hours, then I get a notice that I’ve been disconnected by a GM.

So i start the game again … then it states “My account has been suspended” ? WTF?!

Okay, so sign out of glyph, sign back in

low and behold … I got this: (I’ve sent a mail to the appeals thingy to find out WHY?)

Hell I didnt even check if i wanted to re-sub …




Thank you for your appeal inquiry.

We have reviewed your account and verified that you were banned incorrectly. We apologize for this error and we will use this information to improve our reports system so legitimate players such as yourself are not banned incorrectly going forward. We are working our hardest to get rid of as many of the illegitimate players as we are able to, but unfortunately this means that certain times our reports can be too restrictive and catch legitimate players. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience. The ban has been removed and you should be able to log in normally once again. Good luck and have fun in ArcheAge.

  • Account is active again - What an inconvenience though, for only like two hours worth of playtime.


This is what the region at war looked like, utter chaos, but fun.


Really enjoying this game again, the improvements are fantastic, no more bots, no more trolling, no more lost trade packs from being ganked (unless you take the risk, which there is no need to - trading works on demand now, not on routes and distance) and the labor is not as restrictive as it used to be. Yes, there is grinding but it’s an mmo. (I’m on Prophecy EU)