ArcheAge - Rant here


It looks like my efforts at pushing him away from the mailbox and warehouse kept him from doing anything.


did you have the mobile authenticator or just that region effort mail thingy?


I had authenticator and security questions. I ended up changing my email address, log in name and a new password (19 digits)


Stay away from those dodgy sites Gassie! :stuck_out_tongue:


It was the site you suggested! and I did find your photo there :slight_smile:


Finally made it past all the pirates and sea bugs … now hunting for the 16X16. It seems pretty full but there are a few expiring soon.


The spot I found expiring this evening had 8 people trying to grab it when it expired

No different to NA


got a 16x16 :), had to log in at 1 in the morning though :open_mouth:



I have two 16’s, one farm one house. If you nice to me you can have the house spot.

Otherwise you can buy this:


Thank you Flea. I got a nice offer so I am going to sell it today.


hahah you still think the europe server is bad? :stuck_out_tongue:


Going to 50 hours off line …


Now WOW does not seem so bad …


how to kill a game 101


This is an absolutely fantastic game - I am enjoying it so much!


I might give it a go on the new servers, simply because I miss Org.


@Org swears a lot.


That is only true because there are no ladies present in TS. I know how to behave when the fairer sex is within earshot. And i miss you too WaWa :wink:


Server up … and some 16X16 spots open :smiley:


come play Wawa