ArcheAge - Rant here


“If you want a reason: I’m not prepared to pay for a game that dictates when I can and cannot play (labor points) - So if i have no more labor points i need to either fork out more cash or use my ingame gold, just so i can continue playing. It’s a rubbish system.”

You will have the same issue no matter which server you play on …

Org, Sabre and I do have 16X16 farms now. We have worked our asses off to get them. You want us to give them up? Org has nearly 300 Gildas for his aqua farm and I have a Farmhouse in the wing. We are not even talking about gold into TS tree and mats for wagons. We also understand the guild and numbers side - that is why we rolled chars on this server.


300 Gildas for a Bungalow, not a wimpy Aquafarm :wink:


See, Org is getting upset cause I am calling his water box an aqua farm instead of a windy long drop (a.k.a. a Breezy bungalow)


No one is asking you to move, you guys can stay there. I’m sharing my experiences on the other server. If you want to give me crap about it, that’s your problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a 16x16 already, all I had to do was the quests. (or I could buy one for 150-300g - this server rocks)


You win … again.


A farm hauler


Heh, as you post that, someone is trying to sell an upgrade ticket for wagon->hauler for 400g


Hey @Gascan I saw you on my server! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thought I was the grumpy one …


Though I understand why you guys want to check out the other server, I also stated this same thing to Andy. No matter which server, the game is still limited to Labor, RNG and the horrible grind of Hasla. Enjoy, but in the end you will probably run in to the same brick wall of what to do next heh. I really want to like AA… many reasons to like it… but way to many reasons right now to hate it. Good luck on the EU server for those of you that are there!


Dewstone plains -> excavation site, best damn iron vein farming spot in this game.

This is 20 mins worth:


I have liquidated all my holdings on the NA server (sounds all businessy like). I only need to sell my Gilda’s, ether a fishing boat design or the bungalow design. Should be able to get 1100 gold for the fishing boat. The demand for them is higher than the demand for the bungalow. Once that gold comes in, I will have about 3500 gold with which to buy Apex. The credits you get with Apex is account wide, so it will not be a total loss. Currently the price of apex fluctuates wildly on a daily basis. It was 175 g over the weekend but this morning it was back up to 210 g. I hold on and try and buy in chat for about 180 g.

I have created 2 toons on the EU server - Elrand (elf) and Furrball (firran). It does feel smoother and available land doesn’t seem to be a problem.

If you tell me in 2 weeks time you are moving back to the NA server, I will hunt you down and kill you.


Ah, that’s a good plan. Didn’t think of the apex side.


Guess who’s gonna be buying us TG logs then? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’ll re-create the guild, i really didnt think you guys would move)

The europe servers dont give me that stupid IP login crap funny enough. The NA servers do it to me all the time. They are running different authentication systems I’m sure of it.


Please dont begin a guild , we will begin the guild as you will most likely stop playing in the coming weeks.


I’m going to cry in the corner now, I sweated blood for that 16x16 :frowning:


Yeah, with that kind of nastiness, I’ll go solo.


Ok, well we’ve just seen that the glyph authenticator doesn’t work. Gas & I were partied up killing bots in Windscour when he suddenly got disconnected. Someone logged in on his account, immediately ran to a mailbox and tried to get up to nonsense. I kept pushing him away from the mailbox and the warehouse until Gas managed to change his password and log back in.


Scary!! Did he lose anything?


Only his mind … only his …