ArcheAge - Rant here


Sorry to see u go Flea


Now we don’t have a healer anymore :frowning:


Do you still have your 8x8 on the west continent? I should have my small scarecrow tonight. Would be much appreciated if you could show me your spot and clear it out so i can place mine. Unless you have uninstalled. Could you then just point me in the right direction?



Toon is long gone (deleted)
It was right near the merchants in the middle of lilyut hills.

From the merchants you went south east about 4 farms, just below the small cliff.

Don’t worry when i was last there, there’s LOTS of 8x8’s.


Thx. I’ll go have a look.


We did some Hasla gear runs and got some nice upgrades. I have also been down to the rift side - you need to be in a group though.

We need to look at crafting a bit as better gear will only come from crafting or the higher raids. Hasla only give tokens for a weapon.


You apparently need a lot of tokens. Do they drop from the raids or what?


The endless hours of grind is too repetitive for me tbh. Guess that’s why I have been so terrible at joining the geeks in some games. :frowning:


They drop from mobs in the south east of Hasla. Most drop only 1 but every few hours a rift opens and the mobs that spawn drops more (up to 20). Obviously those are a bit more difficult to kill. If we go as a group during peace time, it shouldn’t take too long to get enough tokens for the tier 1 weapons. Tier 2 and 3 are a different story. Tier 1 weapons however, are already a huge upgrade on what we have now. If you are there during non peace, you will be killed repeatedly (by everybody)


My subscription is valid until 28-05-2015 :smirk:


And then you stopped?
Come back, I have an 8X8 going open in the next day and some gold. Oh, we can also run you through PC :slight_smile:


I’m playing on the europe servers, FAAAAAR better than the North America servers. The added bonus is that they always patch NA servers 1st. An added bonus is that there’s always a GM online. I havent seen one bot, and only block one gold seller in the past 4 days. (16x16’s sell for 175 gold here)

I’m on Janudar & i’m Nuian.

Housing space: no issue. Going to plonk my 16 down as soon as i’ve done the quest.


You know we are playing with Andy and co from the other side? Now you alone?

So why did they ban you from the NA servers?


Loving it. (no i’m not banned - it would be account wide dummy.)

These types of prices, cheap AH stuff, it might just make me overlook the stupid labor points system


I’ll roll a toon on that server shortly. Andy’s gonna give it a shot too.


ESO all over again. Thx a million. Hope you guys enjoy the EU server.


Flea is right. This particular EU server is a world apart. I don’t think I’ve seen any bots at all that I’ve noticed.
lvl 9 now.


Roll a toon on there just check it out, it’s a day/night difference. Everything that irritates you on the NA server is not present here.


I will not leave everything i’ve worked for and start from scratch


We should’ve investigated other servers before settling, I don’t mind doing everything from scratch, it’s just a game in the end.