ArcheAge - Rant here


Something interesting, If you use raptr or the AMD gaming app, disable the overlay for Archeage. It causes Archeage to crash at random intervals.


This, fellow guildies @Gascan @thisgeek @InsanityFlea @Sabre , is the new Rumbling Archeum tree in action. Sells for about 40 gold on AH, matures is 1 hour, requires no water and have 10% change of going TS. This is a 8x8 next to my farm in Arcum.


TS Logs are down to 79g on AH and TS trees down to 279g on AH



Also, any patrons who bought credits have been granted their 10% extra credits retroactively.



You can also get those trees via the ‘Flashy Racing kit’ for 420 Credits.

I finally got a drop of three after using three flashy racing kits.

Yay i finally got 3 8’s in the same area. (Arcum Iris)


Look pretty stationary to me.


This is how helpful “Rider’s Escape” is. It basically moved my stuck farm cart 1m to the right from where it was. You can’t despawn a cart while there is packs on it. And the front pack is in a position where you just cannot get to it. So I’m stuck for 30m while the rider’s escape cooldown runs… and here’s hoping the next attempt doesn’t stick me in the terrain for several minutes.


Only you’d take a 2x4 and try turn it into a 4x4


Some players waiting for an expiring property:


From reddit:


At least his labor will be capped when he gets back into the game.


Sorry to ask, but I am curious. What does the screenshot mean?


That player has to spend 2059 minutes in prison. (34 hours!!)

In prison, you can’t do anything but stand around. You have to be in game as well & just wait out the time.
If you log out the timer stops.

(51 murder’s and 49 assault charges!) A murder is for killing your own faction, same with the assault, it’s for hitting your own faction.


You get teleported to prison and you get the prisoner debuff. You can muck about inside the prison, hit crates and collect prisoner uniforms, soccer cleats, etc - play soccer :stuck_out_tongue:
You can also break out of prison, but the prisoner debuff (that disables all your skills) will remain. You can travel about, but you’re essentially stuffed as you can’t do anything until the debuff timer runs out.



Ouch. 34 hours of logged time is a lot.



Hey guys,

I’m quitting ArcheAge, (gave items & money to Mik & Furiannis)

If you want a reason: I’m not prepared to pay for a game that dictates when I can and cannot play (labor points) - So if i have no more labor points i need to either fork out more cash or use my ingame gold, just so i can continue playing. It’s a rubbish system.

The whole labor point system should be scrapped for patrons with a property limit imposed. That would’ve kept me playing.


Yes, I am not sure that I am a big fan of the feemium model. I agree with these comments:


Sorry to hear that Flea. I was hoping to do some nice raids with you.