ArcheAge - Rant here


so some moron thought i was a bot, I must be since i’m playing the guitar on a trade run …


And you definitely have a bot type name.


So this guy was zooming around on his [s]donkey[/] yata? at incredible speeds in the water… I passed him, but he caught up to me, jumped on my boat (despite the owner mark), said hi, and jumped back in to the water to cruise around at high speed.


That’s carrot dash, special donkey.

Check this reddit: (link title says it all)


Hey @Org

(It’s a pity you can’t use it for more than 7 days)


How nice of this guy.


Where is that @InsanityFlea … or are you trolling me again


Falcorth, north.


I’ll check it out. 5 Gold finders fee if it pans out.


It would seem that a 5 gold finders fee will not be forthcoming at this time.


Rather a five fingered annoyance fee?


I see you get me TG


How the hell?


Some lucky moron guy got a thunderstuck on an 8x8. Super rare.


I got my 16x16 farm in Arcum :smiley: It expired during the downtime. I logged out at the spot and logged in 10 seconds before 2 other okes that had the same idea. That 20 seconds after login when you cant place anything almost gave me a heart attack. Stood there looking at the other two right clicking the design in my inventory like my life depended on it.

I will be demolishing one of my 8x8’s in Solis this afternoon round about 5’ish. Andy said he might be interested. Let me know if there is someone else that still needs a spot. Obviously Andy gets preference as we have already discussed it.

Man, you can plant a ton of stuff on the 16x16. Where the 8x8 takes 6x6 of the small footprint plants, it looks like the 16x16 takes 13x13. That is 139 plants. I need to get some labor points from somewhere.

There is also a fellowship plaza not far from the farm and it’s public access currently. Has all the regal workstations and a fellowship speciality workbench.

See you in game later. I need to go sleep now. Its almost 3 o’clock.


The gods have disconnected you … :frowning: Need I say more?

Seems like something is busted in the new build.


Oy, don’t move my packs please. Not cool. Flipping trolls.


You will get the gold :slight_smile: … they were standing there and we thought it would be better if we hand them in for you.


But they were such NICE packs


I had nothing to do with this. I promise.