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Sabrekins, archer (what else :P) … Ishvara faction … do we have a guild yet?



Hijack :smiley:


FWIW, here’s my other 8x8, Rookborne basin. Temperate. (guild permissions)

It’s SUPER close to the merchants

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Something seems to be wrong with this unconscious donkey.


Free trade packs anyone?


I am delivering a trade pack on Org’s maiden voyage of his boat, Gazunklenut. Org was kind enough to take me on a very long trip from Solis Headlands all the way up to Ynystere Harbor.


I hate players.

TG and I were on a boat from Solis to Ynystere on a trade run.

1st - some guy harpoons my boat then flips it (for fun)
2nd I was killed by my own faction & my trade pack’s stolen & then he offers TG a lift. TG was carrying my second trade pack for me. TG was in the water as I got dc’d during the ganking so my boat disappeared. The idiot only toggled his pvp flag when he managed to stop my boat.

Lesson: Stay the hell away from ALL players in pvp zones, peace time or not. (I was ganked in peace time!)
The players are complete and utter idiots, only there to ruin your day.

Next on the list = merchant ship and guild trade runs. Lets see those rogue player attack a group of around 5-8 players.


The problem was the area border was very close to the coast there - you had briefly crossed in to war zone territory which allowed him to attack you. Fortunately when your ship despawned I was back in friendly waters, so he couldn’t do a damned thing to me. He offered me a lift so that he could (most likely) take me in to war zone and kill me. I told him to get knotted. I got on to my donkey and rode over land.


We were right on the coast when he attacked :S


I just spent tokens on a companion crust to level my battle pet. I tried to click on him and apply the companion crust. Instead I accidentally clicked on some tard that was running back and forth in front of me on his pet. The companion crust applied to his mount, and not my battle pet. :angry:


Read pink text.


bot orgy.


Who’s the scumbag now?


What is that all about?


I was helping people.


and then you get your cryptic answerers …


This is how my textures look after about 30 minutes of play.


Wow, I’ve never seen the textures like that.