ArcheAge - Rant here


You lads playing it in DX11 mode? I’m getting erratic frame rates on both modes. And the graphics settings doesn’t always remain applied or sometimes doesn’t even apply. -_-


DX11. Apparently things get reset (ui scale etc) when you alt+tab out.


Ah that’s why then.
Silly question, any particular reason you all started playing on the US server? Don’t you have latency issues?

Sorry for all the questions.


Yes, I explain why somewhere near the top. Or it’s in the Archeage Player Info thread.
Not really.


When are we going to do the Big scarecrow trade run?


Probably monday/tuesday


damn ganking is getting bad. What does a 50 possibly gain by killing a 39 ?


Cheap honour points. Stuff them, let them gank us until we have none left.


So I have loaded the game and then saw that the server is over subscribed … waiting time of 2 hours!

I will try again later.

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Are you sure? I haven’t seen it in queue status for quite a long time.

Region North America, Aranzeb


Soo… apparently this is possible:


It dropped back down to 5000 after a minute or two.


here I was getting excited about my 200 points. :smiley:


Someone has already claimed that spot of land, oh well.


Sigh - you guys are such a bad influence :P, where do I download this game quickly?



So even after being ganked, I got the payment. Strange.


Same. Unfortunately it was the wrong trader :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if your tradepack is sold by someone else (the ganker), you still get 20% of the fee.


Ah, thanks for the explanation.