ArcheAge - Rant here


Give or take, yes.


Aww crap! I donwloaded the whole freaking game and now I see I was on European region and trying to change to North America has me download the game again. Why?


Weird, it’s the same client for either region. I can (and have) easily switched between the regions by changing the dropdown on the glyph client. When mine originally downloaded, it was set for the European region. After I launched the game and saw every single server was queuing, I quit, changed the region to NA and launched again. There was no further download. Are you sure it’s not just a patch? Each patch is about 150mb… there have been two since I downloaded initially, and there’s another one due this evening. Not sure if the initial client download includes the patches, I would assume so.

Also bear in mind that the first game launch can take a pretty long damned time to load (the splash screen stays up, and the text on it changes to white as a progress indicator… can take a very very long time initially (~15-20 mins).


After careful research, it appears that my client, on European has been patched, but the NA version has not been released yet, so I have to wait until the patch is released in NA


Ah ok - that would explain it, I guess. The patch will release tonight around 5-ish our time.


Well, i guess in future if you are Jonesing for the patch, switch to European region and it will be available sooner?


No real point to do so as you will be unable to play on the NA servers :stuck_out_tongue:


@Org have you got it yet? (there’s no gunships!)


Well, technically there are… but they’re not the flying kind, they’re the floating kind.
Damn, I’m wrong again. There are the flying kind too… but more of the personal glider type.


Cassapea (Harani) and Risenashes (The other human people)


Saw this massive shadow, thought it was a graphic glitch until i looked up. I don’t want to know how much this cost that player.


Lol - imagine that players could buy those things. :smiley:

For what it’s worth, that’s one of the public transports. I imagine it’s for long distance - I haven’t had to use one yet. I’ve only had occasion to use a carriage once so far.


Those things are quite handy for traders. Once you work out the routes they’re very useful. Especially the first and second trade quest before you get your own donkey. Saved me hours.


Mik (TG) and his invisible motorbike.


Fleabag decided rowing around the rice paddies was a good idea. He forgot how much rowboats suck though.


Mik & Fleabag testing out their new jury status in the courthouse.

I decided to give the flying transport a shot.

It’s very pretty up here.

Stuff it, it’s easier to jump out and glide down.

Unfortunately the glider decided to despawn at several thousand feet in the air. I fell to my death.

  • note to all, the glider does close after a certain amount of time, I flew off the mountains and it closed after a few minutes and I fell to my death as well.


Found this:

Looks like the best glider is the Feathered Dragon, which is a drop from the Kraken. Alternatively there’s the Red Dragon, which is 150 Gilda Stars - but the flight time appears to be unknown. Probably also 3 minutes.


This is why i was picking those clovers where we are currently questing:

*lavender also works. 10 pieces = 14 dried flowers (needed for that perfume quest)
10 cornflower = 24 dried flowers (same with lotus)

Look at what I found!

Would be interesting to build a ginseng farm.

*note when the game asks you for confirmation of uprooting, the plant is not yet matured and can result in you getting nothing for your 10 LP.


I have an 8x8 Scarecrow garden which the family is free to use.
It’s located near Halo Hallow, South of the Saffron plantation, Solis Headlands.

Here’s some planting patterns:


I’ve also got a scarecrow… can try place it behind yours. Just need to remember to grab some memory ink to mark the location.