ARK: Survival Evolved

There is a community server by ArchAngel - ZA Ark - 70+ users last night.

It’s amazing.

check out some streams to see it in action:


this game actually looks amazing it’s like rust except with’s got amazing visuals aswell and it’s rumoured to have a great story line

I’ll give it a month or three. It’s an early access title which puts me off. So far I’ve only ever had one early access title that’s still committed and it’s actually ready for a production version (imo) - (Space engineers)

The Stomping Land - Dev’s ran away (sad, such a brilliant concept)
Starforge - Apparently production but it’s so buggy it’s almost unplayable. Development has ceased.
Habitat - VERY slow updates/dev time

2nd point - People are douchebags online. Prepare to be trolled, destroyed and basically be forced to quit.

3rd point - $25 for early access title? are you kidding me? (and this is “17%” off)

By the time the game hits full production (or if it ever does) you’re bored of it and stopped playing. So you are essentially given a bad experience because you’ll suffer playing the game in it’s unfinished state.

Early Access needs to die. (except for Keen Software House - they do it right)
Terratech used kickstater and not early access - which also worked great.

Oh BTW, is BF4 still in early access state? :wink:


They have already made a big update in a week. I’m still watching it but not keen on purchasing yet.

Looks like they are adopting a weekly update schedule.

They’re also going to be adding animals to the tame list and probably add a few new animals aswell

Take some caution with this game. There are some of the developers from “The Stomping Land” on this game.

“The Stomping Land” was also an early access title, it had a single release then the project disappeared along with everyone’s money. This game is almost identical to The Stomping Land.

I won a copy via PCG & FB, played it a bit last night and I’m hooked. It’s VERY addictive.

There’s a few bugs like the animal paths and the graphics are not yet optimized so it eats your system alive. (just turn shadows off and you’re good to go)

I played online and the people were friendly and helpful.

FWIW, I shut down my Space engineers server and converted it into a ARK server just to mess around on until i feel i have enough experience to go join a tribe on one of the bigger servers.

The server is Called “Ark-Geeks” and it’s password protected. Drop me a message for the password should you wish to mess around there.

Hey Ducky! I smaak this game a lot - just need to save some dollahs first.

You moan a lot. Like a girl.

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I’d also like to try this one out. It might be our next LOTRO, Wawa :grinning:

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Please check here 1st:

This game is a PC killer at present

edit: changing the game to run with the command line -sm4 gives you a huge boost in FPS.

This is very handy for your engram calculations.


Now you’re just talking gibberish. :stuck_out_tongue:

but since some lonely soul gifted me a copy of this game, I will be finding out all about this stuff in a few days time (when I’m no longer throttled and can download it)

I think the steam sale has been the cause of much throttling

It didn’t help, but I only got 2 games on the sale (I think…)

Strangest crash ever. Note i have no F drive nor the path listed nor is it running over RDP?!

LowLevelFatalError [File:F:\UE4\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\Windows\WindowsD3D11Device.cpp] [Line: 740] This application cannot be run over a remote desktop configuration

Yeah that’s just the path to the original source file, but strange error nevertheless.

"The sudden popularity of ARK: Survival Evolved isn’t hard to understand:

  1. You can ride dinosaurs.
  2. You can make your character poop."

“my turds are the size of bowling balls”

The update cycle annoys me a bit, but then I suppose it’s a good thing that it updates so often because it indicates that there is progress and the game hasn’t been abandoned.

So I downloaded it at Jonny’s suggestion. Will git a try :smiley: