Battlefield 1



Yea I’ve been playing the beta… and there’s some good points.

The engine feels really refined.
The game is smooth, the menu’s are smooth… other than the odd beta glitch its pretty good.

The map is super dull, why those chose this map for the beta… not a selling point.

There’s a lot of noob things I don’t like, you spawn in a plane flying… yes no need to find one on the ground flying… just choose one and boom your in the air.

The kill cam… really… do we have to give away the guy that killed you.

I’m not sure why I see the silhouettes of my squad members all the time, I prefer the old days whens someone is walking up next to you and you shit your bean only to find out its your bestie.

Tanks and trains are OP, being set back so far in time there is very little defense if your’e a soldier with a tin can gun and a shovel.


Sounds like they’ve taken some things from battlefront as well, like the silhouettes thing.



Okay, so I jumped in the beta, enjoyed it quite a lot. (It did pair me up with @Uchijini at one stage when i just used the matchmaking option)

Map, yeah horrible map.

Snipers, snipers everywhere!

I must admit, it is however a HUGE step forward over BF4, lots of issues have been resolved. It was fun and challenging. The hitreg was really good, the “netcode” worked great, even at 200 ping due to beta servers only being hosted overseas.

Players soak up a lot of damage so combat is not over in a blink of an eye, unless you get taken down by a tank/train/guy on horseback. You can actually fight back quite nicely far more entertaining than one shot deaths & kills.

The health and kill card is finally working correctly, You get points for each percentage of hp you’ve taken off your attacker, when you die, his health is correctly displayed. Looks like DICE finally hired someone who’s got at least a grade 7 in maths.

The in game server browser is fantastic. No more stupid battlelog webpages. The match making tries to pair you with your friends who are playing.

The physics though are a bit weird, in true bafflefield form, your ragdoll weighs exactly 0.001 gram so you go flying all over. Quite entertaining.

The performance was VERY good, on DX12 my R9 290 was running around the 140fps mark with everything maxed. The fans were screaming though so the card was working quite hard. There are a few unfinished textures which was to be expected.

The soldier movement is much nicer, easier to vault over objects in one fluid motion. Plus the soldiers aren’t immune while vaulting/jumping unlike bf4.

The takedown mechanic, now this is brilliant! I love the new system. You can either, A) run and charge the enemy with your bayonet equipped rifle. (any angle, front back side etc) B) Stand behind him and club him over the head. C) Switch out your club for a shovel, smack said enemy over the head from behind with a pleasing “ping” sound from the shovel. D) equip the good ol knife and stab him from behind.

Not once did I ever feel like I got shot even though i was in cover, which happens FAR too often in bf4.

The only thing that’s honestly putting me off this title as present, is:

  1. THAT PRICE. R1100 for the standard edition + premium pass. :scream:
  2. EA/Dice’s reputation, things that never get fixed, broken games, broken launches, wallet raiders.
  3. The way it handles armor. You spawn into planes and tanks. There’s no take off for the planes either. There is armor scattered around the various objectives but these are only jeeps/horses/tanks.
  4. Horses are incredibly difficult to take down, if you see a guy on horseback charging you, just give up, you’re dead, unless you can miraculously shoot him off the horse and not shoot the horse itself.
  5. The unlock system. You have to unlock items with in game credits earned per round. Which is fine but there are a lot of items that need achievements completed first before you can obtain them. (EA will probably allow you to unlock these items with your credit card)


EA have lost the plot.

Comparison of editions:






done not getting BF1

I was going to get it later when the price dropped but no local servers and high ping can’t play like that. Unless they do something like overwatch that it somehow works ( IDK how they do it but it works ) multi player gaming feels like its taking a big step backwards. i could be wrong but thats just how i feel



BF1 just died. I don’t think EA give a hoot about the SA market.


Just cancelled my pre-order for BF1


Yup so it seems.


Below is the pricing for EA’s Rent-a-Server programme:

1 day: $2.99
7 days: $11.99
30 days: $42.99
90 days: $99.99
180 days: $149.99


If there will be South African servers, I’m probably going to buy the game.
I spent R50 for Origin Access to get a “10 hours of gameplay” trial of BF1.
I absolutely love it. Multiplayer is really good.


Could you play the SP campaign as well or was it MP only?


Yes, you can play the SP campaign too.


Even da germanz are moaning about current server state

Also, Netcode (found interesting)



“Battle nonsense” gotta love it.


This actually belongs in the SC thread but it was interesting to watch their comments on their hosting plans in cloud vs what EA has done to BF1:


BF1 + Premium now R474.97


You will be dealt with, quietly :wink:


The Flea LIVES!