Battlefield Hardline (the next battlefield)

Details have been leaked. We might see it at E3 next month.

The good: It’s been developed by Visceral Studios (Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno) :smiley:

The bad: It’s still frostbite 3 engine. (maybe Visceral can fix it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Battlefield Hardline Game Details Summarized:

Gameplay Modes (Known So Far): Blood Money / Heist / Bomb Squad / Capture The Flag / Rush / Sabotage / Elimination / Team Superiority / Turf War / Team Deathmatch

Gameplay Classes (Known So Far): S.W.A.T (Good Guys) / THIEVES (Bad Guys)

Gameplay Weapons: Mix of Handguns, Machineguns, Melee Weapons, Closed Arm Combat

Gameplay Vehicles: Helicopters, Motorbikes, Vans, TrucksMore details (Courtesy of Goodgamebro)

Game modes: TDM, Turf War (Small and Large), Heist and Blood Money

Teams: SWAT, CR, LW, & Thieves

  • Heist & Blood Money modes will be playable at E3 on the High Tension map
  • Commander mode appears to be included in the game
  • Vehicles will be included
  • Possible classes (or loadouts): Enforcer, Mastermind, Techincian and Professional
  • Appears to be an in-game store where you can buy weapons and gadgets, similar to Counter-Strike: GO
  • There’s a police baton available for melee combat
  • Gadgets & accessories to include deployable camera, gas grenade, laser trip mine, breaching charge, grappling hook (possible zipline), gas mask, crossbow, riot shield, blowtorch & decoy

Read more: [Update]EA's Battlefield Hardline Game Details Leaked - Game Modes, Vehicles, Weapons, Unlocks Detailed

Muster will be a big thing again :smiley:
Sounds epic, I’ll support it. It’s not DICE.


Another EA title. Will be released before its complete, etc etc.

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Have some faith man, it’s a different studio :stuck_out_tongue:

Different studio, same driver.

I refuse to pay for broken carp!


That’s a very fishy statement.


updated with video! (all these videos are being taken down! lol)

Is it a fishy video?

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I agree with you Wonda. I’m going to stand aside and see how this one plays out.

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What are you carping on about?

Just throwing out some bait to see what gets hooked.

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They should call this one ‘battlefield fine-line’ or ‘thin line’ or ‘dev’s doing lines’. ( :wink: of code … sis on you, although I still do wonder what EA smokes …)

whatever they smoke, it’s probably rolled in $100 bills of OUR MONEY!


I want to believe it will be better , but it’s EA , and they still need to release expansions for BF4 that they have promised …

they trying just to grab guys who believes “This” one will be better

no thanks … they spoilt bf time for the last time … no more BF for me :frowning:

Leaked Gameplay

After seeing that video, it looks like a DLC for BF4 and not a stand alone. But EA will sell it as a new game. So sad.


You can sign up for the beta here:

IF you really want to. I’m going to watch paint dry instead.

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How EA came up with the Idea:


The only way this crap will stop is when we stop buying in to it.