Comfortable Headset

Guys. need opinion on the Steelseries Siberia Elite. dont really know anything about the brand and they are expensive …but … I had a pair on my head this afternoon and i kid you not. its the most comfortable headset I have ever worn.

They are nice but I prefer the turtle beach headsets. The quality is awesome.
I think ZAGamer stocks it.

I like my turtle beach headset, but it hurts my ears after awhile.

I can wear my Alienware TactX without problems for hours, even with glasses on.
They are open ear so you still hear the outside world.

Looking at the Siberia Elite I don;t think they in the same league, especially for price.

Hmmmm think its awesome… Now i just need a sponsor :smiley:

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Not that he hears anything! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a pair of Senheizer (sp) which are still great quality headphones, and another brand make, which I will have to wait till I’m back in Stillbay before seeing which brand, which are also good, but become noticeable after several hours of wearing on Thursdays… Org has the same headphones as mine - maybe he will let you know what he thinks of them…

I have yet to find a headset that sounds wonderful, excludes all external sound, and is comfortable over extended periods of gameplay…

This should do the trick? Special Hello Kitty edition too!

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I had a look at the Sennheiser headsets and I must say i did not like them. The mid price range headsets use a funny earcup material that I really dont like and the nice headsets that they have are sooo expensive ( and those that i like have no mic)

@ Flea .Hello kitty is overrated

I have these guys:
They are quite lightweight, very comfy and the sound is awesome. Also they are wired/wireless which I really enjoy.
Positional audio is good, there is no way someone is going to knife me unless there is a lot of noise very close by.

I’m so over these padded, giant, make-me-look-like-that-star-wars-chick headsets.

  • They make you hot (in the temperature sense, so don’t start thinking
    you can wear them to become a babe-magnet)
  • Often the previous point can lead to them smelling - esp if you have a tendency to “glow” a lot. I know you can replace the ear thingies - but really… if you’re paying that much they should damn well replace themselves!
  • The padding eventually starts coming off - usually all over your ears without you knowing, until a kind stranger asks if you’ve been in a firefight as you have black “sooty” looking bits all over your ears and neck. (That’s a lie, you usually find out you were looking that way all day and no one told you. No such thing as true friends.)
  • They cost quite a bit, so you start crying when they don’t last the many years you thought they would when talking yourself/spouse into spending the moolah.

I bought myself a cheap, light, over-the-ears logitech set last and they have been the nicest ones for my money so far. The sound is good enough for me (I am trying not to make myself go deaf prematurely, so I don’t have the need for total “doef-doef” in my head quality) and also the mic doesn’t pic up a lot of room sound (and Souper likes to watch TV really loud ).

My 2c. The end.

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I cant see very well but my hearing is super sharp so I like to have a good headset.
My Roccat Kave’s almost broke my head off they got so heavy after a long session.
Open backs and lightweight headsets are great but nothing beats a good quality set of closed backs with 50mm drivers.

thanks for the 2C there Princess Leia :slight_smile: ( rant of the day)
@arby had a look at the Creative set that you have. dont like the shape so much and will want to rip the mic off… but i really like the wireless. I have tried to stay away from the wireless stuff after needing to charge batteries constantly. Still have a 5.1 creative speaker set from 10 years back and they still work. will read some reviews

Its all about finding a set you like, that might not be the same thing I like.
If you are set on the steelseries then get those, I like steelseries quality so I cant say anything bad about them.

Steelseries Cyberia V2, love them had them for three years now but wires kept annoying me on my new ITX machine. Bought the Corsair Vengeance 2100 7.1 Wireless. Both headsets are very good. The Corsairs tend to get too heavy during 4+ hour sessions though.

Think I am fighting a lost battle. really like the Steelseries headset from my first encounter. Problem is that i really liked the look of my Tritton headset and that turned out to be a very expensive mistake. Sound was good but the build quality is absolute SHIT. So now i dont want to make the same mistake again. wireless will be to heavy at the end of the day. I spend half the day with my headset on as I use it while working and most off my calls come in thru my headset as well.
Top priority for me is
comfortable and lite.
second is proper sound( 50mm drivers)
third . Proper mic ( hate it if I have to stuff around with a mic that does not pic up

soooo still fighting with myself … but i think i found my new set… now just need to save up and keep Herja from finding out :slight_smile:

@Uchijini buddy…you are going to look like Princess Leia soon… no need to think up a fancy dress costume for future parties - just throw on your headset and a kimono.

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@WondaWoman. I dont wear kimono’s but I am sure you would look really cute in one :slight_smile: want to borrow my headset?


(damn 10 character posts make my simple No’s less dramatic).

I have the Logitech G330 , it’s a behind the head set and I have to say really comfortable and can play 4 hours with no problem , good mic and nice stereo quality . basic but nice