Space engineers, 33% off $10.04 ends in 36 hours.


Space Engineers has improved A LOT lately. Multiplayer creative works like a charm now.


ORION: Dino Horde about R10, apparently have awesome coop gameplay.


Arm: Twisted.


A whole bunch of simulators. If that type of thing floats your boat. (It does mine)



I saw your farming last night. I had a good giggle about it.


no one got my joke about ‘breeding bacon’ post over in meta :stuck_out_tongue:


Humble Weekly is a whole bunch of Popcap games.

Forgot to mention, you get Steam & Origin keys for this one.


Here he is making fun of me and he went and bought exactly the same bundle!



That bridge builder is quite fun, however it’s buggy :frowning: I couldnt get past this one level so I found a youtube vid of how to do it. I built it exactly the same as the vid and it still fails. The physics are weird. Wonder if dice had a hand in it?


###Steam Specials

  • Bioshock Infinite $7.49
  • Tomb Raider $6.66
  • Assassin’s Creed IV Blag Flag $35.99

Just a few, there’s lots more.

If you buy Star Point Gemini 2Early Access Game, about to move from alpha to beta, you get the first one as well.


Should move this post to general topic. This is a hardware deal. have the Logitech solar, wireless keyboard for R479 today only.

I use one of these at the office, paid over 1000 bucks for it. (well the office did) It’s a very nice keyboard, the response is the same as any other wireless keyboard. Hardcore gamers hate wireless. (haven’t changed batteries in over three years, still going strong),10801836


Steam is having a massive Rockstar Games sale this weekend. Up to 67% off all Rockstar Titles and up to 80% off some bundles.

  • Metro: Last Light is on special on steam for $9.99.
  • F1 2013 is on special for $12.49

Thank goodness I’m broke.


Steam Deals

  • Train Simulator 2014 is 80% off at $10.99
  • Payday 2 is at $9.99
  • Bioshock Infinite at $7.49
  • Spore & Expansions for Cheep.



I’m very tempted by Bioshock Infinite.


I bought Bioshock Infinite on the previous Steam special and it was worth it. Very nice game, especially at that price.


Get 60% off Tomb Raider GOTY, 50% off Deus Ex or 75% off Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, Supreme Commander 2, Just Cause 2 and more at The Humble Store Square Enix Sale. Hurry, these deals only last until Friday, March 28 at 10AM Pacific Time.

I have Hitman Absolution (Steam) & Tomb Raider. Enjoyed both titles immensely.


I’ve had it for ages, but trying to finish Bioshock 2 before I play it. Arrgh - TMG Syndrome!

(Too Many Games)