Space engineers, 33% off $10.04 ends in 36 hours.

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Space Engineers has improved A LOT lately. Multiplayer creative works like a charm now.

ORION: Dino Horde about R10, apparently have awesome coop gameplay.

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Arm: Twisted.

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A whole bunch of simulators. If that type of thing floats your boat. (It does mine)

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I saw your farming last night. I had a good giggle about it.

no one got my joke about ‘breeding bacon’ post over in meta :stuck_out_tongue:

Humble Weekly is a whole bunch of Popcap games.

Forgot to mention, you get Steam & Origin keys for this one.

Here he is making fun of me and he went and bought exactly the same bundle!


That bridge builder is quite fun, however it’s buggy :frowning: I couldnt get past this one level so I found a youtube vid of how to do it. I built it exactly the same as the vid and it still fails. The physics are weird. Wonder if dice had a hand in it?

###Steam Specials

  • Bioshock Infinite $7.49
  • Tomb Raider $6.66
  • Assassin’s Creed IV Blag Flag $35.99

Just a few, there’s lots more.

If you buy Star Point Gemini 2Early Access Game, about to move from alpha to beta, you get the first one as well.

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Should move this post to general topic. This is a hardware deal. have the Logitech solar, wireless keyboard for R479 today only.

I use one of these at the office, paid over 1000 bucks for it. (well the office did) It’s a very nice keyboard, the response is the same as any other wireless keyboard. Hardcore gamers hate wireless. (haven’t changed batteries in over three years, still going strong),10801836

Steam is having a massive Rockstar Games sale this weekend. Up to 67% off all Rockstar Titles and up to 80% off some bundles.

  • Metro: Last Light is on special on steam for $9.99.
  • F1 2013 is on special for $12.49

Thank goodness I’m broke.

Steam Deals

  • Train Simulator 2014 is 80% off at $10.99
  • Payday 2 is at $9.99
  • Bioshock Infinite at $7.49
  • Spore & Expansions for Cheep.


I’m very tempted by Bioshock Infinite.

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I bought Bioshock Infinite on the previous Steam special and it was worth it. Very nice game, especially at that price.

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Get 60% off Tomb Raider GOTY, 50% off Deus Ex or 75% off Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, Supreme Commander 2, Just Cause 2 and more at The Humble Store Square Enix Sale. Hurry, these deals only last until Friday, March 28 at 10AM Pacific Time.

I have Hitman Absolution (Steam) & Tomb Raider. Enjoyed both titles immensely.

I’ve had it for ages, but trying to finish Bioshock 2 before I play it. Arrgh - TMG Syndrome!

(Too Many Games)

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