Tomb Raider was awesome. I really enjoyed that - it is well worth the price. Sleeping Dogs is pretty damned cool, I must still finish it.
Just Cause 2 is pretty awesome, and very nifty MP with the mod. I have the server, can run it 24x7 for us if you like. Not really interesting without other players. I saw there was a web africa server way back when, but it was dead and had zero scripts. I’m sure by now that is has been fixed, if it is still running.



Its a pity its Origin but still worth checking every now and then.


Space engineers is 33% off for the next 48 hours.

$13.39 USD


22 April Only:
Takealot has a deal on a logitech g105 gaming keyboard for R349:


23/24 April Only (Not available just yet):

Red Orchestra 2 - FREE if you download it within the 24 hour period.

More info:[g:1:1581948]/announcements/detail/1353639133892980334

Soooo… not sure when their ‘Tomorrow’ starts. By all accounts, it is ‘tomorrow’ in most timezones from when they posted. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just some kind of marketing ploy.


grabbed the single and multiplayer.


It’s your last day left to get a free copy of Dead Space from EA/Origin before they change it to something else.


Humble Store is having a pretty good sale right now:


I can recommend the King’s Bounty collection.


I saw the new thief is only $24.99 but the jury is still out on whether I should pick this up or not.

@gus it looks pretty good, thanks.

I can recommend ‘Game Dev Tycoon’ very simple little game but quite fun. I still don’t understand the mechanics though


Most of the reviews for thief I have seen have not been positive. I’m skipping it.

I believe the “Game Dev Tycoon” that is on steam is actually a poor rip off of the original game that was in the news about it’s pirating/anti-piracy scheme a while back. Check the reviews/forums to confirm.


I have ‘game dev tycoon’ from the windows store, so you’re saying it’s not the same one? damn.


I’m not entirely sure. I seem to remember some controversy in the steam forums regarding a similarly titled app.
Interestingly, I can’t find ‘Game Dev Tycoon’ in the steam store - even just searching on ‘Tycoon’.
– Seems it’s not available “for your region”.

However, this particular title does seem legit - it IS the one that was mentioned in the news a while ago.


I’ve bought it, it’s the same one, very cool little game! a few more features on the steam one vs the windows store.


please gimme a shout if terraria (PC) ever goes on special


King’s Bounty bought the Heroes of Might and Magic license, so if you liked Heroes, then a good chance you will like King’s Bounty. All four members of my family play King’s Bounty.


@Stool - Good news, it’s going on special sometime today until Sunday - 75% off.


I hope my new dsl will be as good as my current one. This is from Steam

Downloaded Game dev tycoon & SE update.



@BlackSheep take note. I saw it was in your steam wishlist as well