Plants vs zombies, free on origin.

Bioshock infinite is 67% off on steam this weekend.


Yes!!! I will be getting a 4 pack :smiley:


me too

who wants to play?


Sorry had a really busy weekend :frowning: maybe sometime in the week?


yeah can do.

Let me know when your wife thinks you free so I can confer with my wife to see if she agrees. :smiley:

I’ve lost my patience with the console version. Unexpectedly came across a known bug last night.

In the Xbox and PS3 version, any items in a piggy bank or safe WILL turn into different items( 24 gold turning into a stack of 602 iron pickaxes ;Etc). This is guaranteed to happen resulting in lost items. Occasionally turns back if you leave the items and reload the game. Happens regularly. Can use the item codes to predict what item you get. (This is a glitch that uses Data IDs to create items). Post on it :[/quote]

So I had a new piggy bank full of silver watches and what not. Proceeded to sell it all and ended up with 3 platinum. The cheat/bug made me lose interest on the spot. lots of items lost anyhow. The console updates just aint getting released fast enough so will only play on the pc now.


For the next two weeks there are going to be massive daily bundles.

Today’s bundle is Deep-Silver:

Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row 2
Risen 2: Dark Waters
Sacred 2: Gold Edition
Dead Island - GOTY
Saints Row: The Third - Full DLC Package
Metro 2033
Sacred Citadel
Dead Island: Riptide - Complete Edition


Thanks. I did some serial shopping (yesterday and today). I think I need to retire. Working is taking too much of my time.


On Steam:

  • Arma 3 is $35.99, down from its usual $59.99 - it’s pretty cool.
  • DayZ standalone is $25.49, not down enough from its usual $29.99.
  • Arma II and Arma II Op Arrow head is just a few dollars, really few bucks if you want to play the DayZ Mod (not compatible with standalone, and apparently better at the moment)

Don’t even bother with Spec Ops: The Line, it is F@#@$ing terrible. I hate it with the passion of a thousand suns.


Arma 1 is free on steam, until monday.


plants vs zombies is free on origin

(couple posts up stool - Flea :p)


this cos I kicked ass on superbru this week? @InsanityFlea


Humble Bundle Store is having a huge 48 hour sale again.


Battlefield 4 premium on special for R 235

At least its cheaper than buying the expansions seperately


You’d think they’d give it away for free by now.


even then I wouldn’t want it


I have it , but wish I didn’t



Two worlds II in on special 75% off until the 2nd of June.


Bastion on steam -85% till Thursday


Battlefield 3 is free until June 3


That is cool, bf3 actually worked properly.