Eventually Remember it was quite horrible in the beginning.


every single battlefield has been terrible in the beginning. We are the QC testers for EA.
The other ones were sorted out in the end though, well mostly!!


Yeah BF4 won’t be sorted out, you can take that as a given. (Hardline is out in December)


70% off selected titles on (puke) origin.

*I thought twice about posting this, would be selfish of me not to.


Sniper Elite V2 is free on Steam for 24 hours


75% off all stardock titles this weekend.


Rockstar Midweek Madness:


Proliant Microserver G7 N54L @ R2199,34082761

Flip - my HP Employee price from HP themselves is 4k. Freaking insane.


I’m still rocking the older N36L. (Two generations old now!) Still doing it’s thing just fine. Good little boxes.


Floating Point is free on Steam.


Not to do with any games but since it’s a home grown cellphone + 1gb data every month for R1999 I thought it might be useful to someone:


Thief, 50% off, offer ends on the 16th of June 2014


Peggle is currently “On The House”


It’s a trap so you use origin.


Dion wired is having a special on roccat (rocket) hardware


GOG, bullfrog sale (Bullfrog was my favourite studio back in the day)


the link she’s dead


I changed it to the main site, there’s still the summer sale on.


What time is the new deals? 8:00pm or 7:00pm ?


New deals are at 7pm.