Here’s a list of free steam games:


Free on steam:

Just a key no BS signups or anything.


Tomb Raider is 75% off right now - I highly recommend it, it’s very good gameplay. Also the Lara model is very pretty! :stuck_out_tongue:


Fire up origin, redeem this code “I-LOVE-THE-SIMS” to get the sims 2 ultimate collection for free.


Some good specials on, summer sale.


GRID Autosport is 50% off


If you want a cheap way to get in to Arma3.


Wing commander 3 free on origin


Kingdoms of Amalur is going for $4.99 - this is a pretty good solo RPG.


Thanks TG. I have bought the game. Looks interesting.


X-Plane 10 is on special on Steam: $40.19 instead of $59.99


Space Engineers - Free Weekend and 40% off on Steam.
We are celebrating one year of Space Engineers with a Free Weekend on Steam! Starting from now, Space Engineers will be available to play for FREE until Sunday, October 12, at 1pm PST. We are also running a 40% discount off the regular price!*
If you didn’t have the chance to try the game until now, this is the best time to do or you can invite your friends to play.
*the discount ends on Monday at 10am PST


Was so excited to get the free Dragon Age from Origin, but after the 15gig download it give me some Physx loader error - all the websites I pulled up about it tell me how to install an Nvidia card to fix that… Um. No

Any ideas?


Just install the physx runtime.


Downloaded - will install. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Arma 3 is free to play this weekend with 50% off should you wish to purchase it.


Is Arma 3 worth getting?


try it out this weekend, I love it.


It is very cool. Definitely not fast paced like BF*.