Free on windows 10. 3 days left.


I see Origin is giving away Mass Effect 2 for free…


CODIW is 50% off on steam until March 2.


Origin has a sale.
Battlefield 1 is currently R499 vanilla, R1139 for Ultimate;/scroll:%23gamelist


Should we ban @iNgeon now or later?


@InsanityFlea :smile:




Starcraft + Brood Wars Expansion for free: (the good ol days of no DLC …)




Sweet, I didn’t think of posting it here as I posted it in the whatsapp group.


(See the other thread for our private server)

Ark is 51% off - R 156.31

Scorched Earth is 51% off at R 107.31 - I’ve purchased. Ark has proven it’s track record and it’s fully playable, optimization is good and getting better.


If you missed the Ark special, it’s gone.

Ark has now dropped it’s early access price and is now at it’s release price R589. (or R686.80 with DLC) - you could’ve had it all for R263. - A saving of R423!

The links above updated I see.


Flight Unlimited.
Free on the MS Store till 31 Aug 2017


Awesome, Thanks!


Free for 24h only. Starts 6 September @ 10am Pacific time. (PT)

For those with vanilla BFront1
Battlefront Season Pass (now that the 1st one will probably die anyways…)


Free for another day and a half or so…


World in Conflict free until 11 Dec
Black Flag free from 12-18 Dec


33% off currently (some childhood memories)