S’true. Must have been a few hours.


Battlefront is 60% off at the moment.

Ultimate edition is 35% off (include the season pass)


Someone should smack you with a big stick.


@Bass & Luke suckered me into getting the base version on the special price :stuck_out_tongue:
I refuse to pay that ultimate price and the deluxe seems loaded with nonsense.
I must say, visually it’s awesome. another freakin 35GB+.
I like the fact that once can solo and coop some missions. The racer game is also pretty cool through the forest :smiley: Nostalgia101


Beatings shall commence at dawn.


Resistance is futile :slight_smile:


@iNgeon @AndogZA @EyeBall

Arma 3 is currently on midweek madness sale. There is about 45.5 hours left on the sale at the time of this posting.

Arma3 50% off at R299.50.
Arma 3 Apex Edition (ALL DLC including the upcoming Apex) 30% off at R699.30.

Just DLC (no Apex) is 50% off at R149.50 (Worth it just for Marksman DLC)

Apex DLC (forthcoming) is 20% off at R399.20 (This is a whole new island)


Isn’t apex also another campaign? I enjoyed the Arma campaign


It’s a new map along with all the trimmings, so yes.


Limbo is free on steam


Limbo still shows as R109


It was a one day only thing.


From Sept 14, Ubisoft’s free game will be The Crew.


I see this is the current 1


Th crew will only be free for a month.


Tropico 4, for free.

limited time offer.


Dirt 3 Complete Edition free on humble bundle for the next day or so:


Squad, 50% off, R204.50

It’s a slow paced (arma like) team & squad based shooter with vehicles. Very campy, I warn you.

There are ZA servers.


Are there still? I’ve played a few hours recently and haven’t noticed any servers under 200 ping in the server browser.


Hmm, there was on the server browser.