GTA V is currently 33% off

It’s R394.63


As is The Witcher III


Entire Trilogy for R780


Shadow of Mordor also on 66% discount for R166:


The Witcher 3, 50% off on


Black Friday Steam Sale on now.


Jade Empire on the house. EA origin.


Shadow complex remastered. Free.


You can pick up a free copy of Omikron: The Nomad Soul via Square Enix store. [s]Not sure how much longer it will be available[/]. It provides you with a steam key.

This store is a pain in the backside. I had to disable adblock and privacy badger before it would work.

Available until 9am GMT, Friday 22 January in tribute to David Bowie, who played central character Boz and collaborated on the score, songs from which later appeared on his Hours album.


So much red tape for the sign up process!


I already had an account. Not sure for what, I certainly don’t remember signing up, and I didn’t have it in my database.


I had an account from signing up to the Hitman online services, I think.


Ahhh… that might be it.


Stars Wars battlefront is 50% off


What are you doing?


Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012 Version) is on the house


Yeah i’m not sure i want to yet. Also, the ultimate special is 799, still high enough for me to give it a pass.


Steam’s Lunar New Year sale is almost over. 33 and some hours left.


any of you guys use twitter?

If you do i suggest you follow

Whomever is behind that account spends a great deal of time staying on top of all the latest deals. Covers pc and console gaming deals.


He’s wrong about that deal for Xcom 2.


It does say for a limited time only. It’s possible that the price was that low for a short time.