You have high hopes.


Free nonsense on Origin House:


Elite:Dangerous is currently 33% off:

It’s also reduced on the Frontier store directly.

(I recommend the steam version for faster downloads & updates, the standard launcher has the same issue with speed that Star Citizen suffers from - Flea)


This isn’t right. EA and DICE are going to murder Starwars. The end is near, be ye forewarned the end is near.


To true.
Case in point>


"Check it Out for Free!

Download the Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trial for unlimited free multiplayer, plus experience 6 hours of the epic single-player campaign."

Sales must be bad. :smirk:


Its such a great game!

Although admittedly the grind is rather a drag. 40 hours into the game and I don’t think I’m even a quarter of the way through the story.


i haven’t even finished origins and i think i’m only through a quarter of the story


Elder Scrolls online, currently on special @ $14.99

I’ve been playing recently (again), TG cant connect.


Race The Sun is free on Steam for one day.


download it it was one of the best games i’ve ever played


Wrong thread but just to update you, Star Wars Battlefront will not have a single player campaign.
^ check out the best comment on that page, sums it all up!


I’m not going to be surprised if this tanks.


BF2 had no single player campaign. All you could do was play in a sandbox against bots.
I remember having to hack the game to get co-op. eventually in update 1.3 or something they added it, years later.

At least it wasn’t DLC :stuck_out_tongue:


(this reply is $10 dlc with maximum graphics)


Actually, all you had to do to get co-op was have someone connect to your IP address while you had a “Single Player” map loaded. But yeah, good point.


This weekend only.

40% off. If you like racing sims, Project Cars is a must!


Red Alert 2 Free. Origin.


ARK is currently discounted, 33% off @ $20.09:


Steam “stealth” sale