This might be useful to some people:

Note that it doesn’t list ALL games, but it has a majority.


so any good games on sale?


My Star Wars fanaticism my yet get the better of me :pensive:



Bad iNgeon! It’s DICE/EA. Bad!


UNABLE TO RESIST THE STAR WARS IS TOO STRONG! I don’t know if i can stop it it’s clouding my Dice/EA judgement ahhhhhh!!!


That will only become a problem when you have disposable income. At this point, you kind of have no choice.


Aaaaarrrgggghhh … tooooo … strong …


It looks like fun - will probably be buggy and broken at first, but still …


I agree, probably has the same issues bf4 has.


So what do you have instead of knifing? Force choke?

I’m going to get counter-choked at every damned opportunity.


no you’d get pew pew’d all the time


It would be fun to see how the Battlefield wimpodites complain about the way others play the game:
“Why is this map full of Vaders?”
“How come you guys always play Wookie?”
“Which one of you lolfags parked the walker in front of the bay doors?”

I can’t come up with anymore. After this week of 3am I cannot brain anymore. I have the dumb.


Lol Dru. Sounds about right.
Talk of a BF 2143 in some forums. Some say this is a dice/EA practice run for 2143. I wonder…I do miss 2142.


battlefield 2143 might become battlefield 5


You are right. Hope they don’t mess it up but they probably will. Enjoying BF4 now. I only just started playing it 2 years after its release and its still very buggy.


I’m actually willing to put money down that the battlefront launch will be a huge disaster. I haven’t been following Hardline but last I saw it was pretty terrible as well.


how much you willing to put down?


I don’t want to take money off your dad.


This will make @Drusky play in a heartbeat


2143 - EA might have sorted out BF4’s bugs by then