Wicked, thanks! been looking for one since ED launch.

edit: bought it, ratings are pretty good.


Takealot has the T.Flight Hotas X on daily deal for R699. 31 left they say.


Sold out now :disappointed:


I bought the one TG mention above.

Works great!

R399 … it’s a steal.


Fractured Space: Install it now and keep it for free.




Fractured space is actually pretty good. the controls are a little difficult to get used to but after about half an hour of playing you’ll get the hang of it.

it’s good good ship tutorial stuff yet and has hangers and tech tree stuff like some of your war vehicle games like war thunder and world of tanks and battleships


I played Fractured Space for a few hours this weekend. A bit surprising as I wasn’t expecting much for a freebie in alpha. But it has good graphics, and like HRH King Tag-a-lot says, after playing for a while you get the hang of the environs and controls. So before you know it you’re immersed.

What I like is the 5 vs 5 setup. Forces you to think and work as a team. Very little chance of lone wolf success outside of support from your team players. Very much like a BF conquest, with the ultimate goal being to take the other teams “uncap”.

And although there are only London, US and Singapore servers, I played on London servers all the time with a ping of around 300ms and was perfectly fine.

I also like the fact that everyone is pretty much a newbie.


Free nonsense on Origin House:


Still not buying BF hardline.


Never going to happen.
I wonder what the next BF title will be like?
Time for CoD?


The current Humble bundle deal is also pretty sweet for all of us who have played too much Heroes of Might and Magic in the past.


Arma 3 is 50% off this weekend - $29.99

Excellent game, highly recommended from my side. I got 241.3 hours on it.


Now, thanks to an early, premature post on a Russian site VKontakte, we have evidence that Steam’s Sumer Sale 2015 arrives on June 11th and ends on June 20th.
Following that, expect two days of encore sales, so the Summer Sale should officially end on June 22nd. That’s June 11th to June 22nd.


The End is Nigh.




In case you haven’t realized it, the Steam Sale is now on.


GTA V is 25% off $53.98


You note that the discount is only applied to the bundle - ie GTA V + Shark card, whereas the standalone is still full price.

Still cheaper to get it from at $47.99.


And this is why you should not get GTA V from the Steam Summer Sale.