Dedicated Server

[Work In progress]

This server is locked to the steam group “Wargeeks” If you aren’t a member please apply :tongue:

Server name: Space Geeks Dedicated
World: created effort for now until I load up our saved one.

Game mode: Survival


Inventory Size: 20x
Assembler Speed: 20x
Assembler Efficiency: 20x
Refinery Speed: 200x

Max players = 6 for now.

I was playing on a server this morning with a ping of 170ms and the game ran smoothly. The multiplayer code is much better.

Wow the server writes to the save file a lot. I’ve stopped syncing that particular folder because I get popups every few seconds. It’s driving me nuts.

My bad :smile: Will sort it out later today. It’s just a test box on linux.

I’ve noticed a few things:

  • Map wont load if there is no “character”
  • Map wont load if there is a small ship or station unless it was built on the server (no imported items) - works fine on a windows server, so something strange with a wine/linux server.
  • Server wont load if you use any port below 26000
  • Server load with one player is very minimal, ~2%

Checking the logs, @thisgeek why you no connect ?!

I’m looking at getting a host from Afrihost. This one

Cost R950 PM (Incl. VAT)
Web Traffic 750 GB
CPU 3.2GHz Quad-Core Xeon
RAM 8 GB DDR3 1333MHz
Hard Drives 2x 1 TB
FREE Backups (FTP) 10 GB
Optional Management Fee 1 R400
Data Transfer Overage R2.97 per GB:

What a rip off.

MTN just purchased 50% of Afrihost, let see how the prices go.

How to on linux:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine1.6 winetricks -q dotnet40

  • Extract the zip file from ~\SteamApps\common\SpaceEngineers\Tools to a directory of your choice on the nix box (eg ~/.wine/drive_c/se_dedicated)

  • Prepare the server and server files using the windows server. (start the server setup settings etc)
    Stop the windows server.

  • Copy the files from %AppData%\Roaming\SpaceEngineersDedicated\Default to nix box (eg: ~/.wine/~/.wine/drive_c\se_server\default)

  • On the nix box, open up & edit the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg to point to the save file on the nix box

Optional steps: Edit the sandbox.sbc file (the save game file) change the multipliers, game name, player count.

  • Start the server:


  • DO NOT edit the save game with SE Toolbox, this will prevent the server from starting.
  • DO NOT import models to the save game, this will prevent the server from starting
  • Autosave: saves a lot but no performance penalty.
  • playable pings, anything up to 200ms.
  • Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 server (no GUI)

Not sure if you’re running the server or not… can’t find it.

Down for now, having some issues saving with created items, wont start up again. :smirk:

Fixed it, just takes ages to load (2mins)


Inventory: 10
Assembler: 100
Refinery: 100
Normal environment (watch out for flying asteroids!)
Thruster damage: on
Weapons on
Cargo ships on

Sigh as soon as you drill it crashes :squirrel: nix only.

Everyone has the same problem :

*converting this server to windoze.

Up & Running.

Note: even on LAN there is a slight lag ‘stutter’ every two hours or so for about 2 seconds, nothing major but it confirms it’s the code and not the connection. (1gbps lan :tongue:) also had quite a bit of lag when my welder ship was auto welding and I was drilling ore.

I forgot the server runs 24/7 so when i took a look at my base this morning, some of the turrets were wiped out from asteroids. haha so much for them 'targeting asteroids; they get beaten every now and again. I could turn it off, but the game is much more challenging with all the options on.

Can you guys connect at all? haven’t seen anyone on.

The server code needs some work still.

  • Welding wont continue if you leave the welding ship in place and venture off into the distance. Only welds when you are in close proximity

  • Turrets dont work when you are offline or out of range/proximity.

  • Meteor showers continue regardless, but intentionally target your ships/base, not random.

  • Cargo ships are VERY difficult to capture

If feels like the server just hosts the map and doesn’t ‘process’ the game world.

Well it’s a work in progress. They’ll eventually get it working properly.
I can’t imagine it’s that easy to strip out all the background processing stuff and make it standalone.

Indeed, the welding thing is a pain though. Build a nice base with blocks then just move the wedling ship as you go, letting it do it’s thing. :smile:

It also explains why it’s so lightweight on the hardware requirements for a dedicated server, I saw on the keen forums some guy was hosting 8 players on a netbook :laugh:

New setup:

NO asteroids. Survival via pirating only. (Cargo ships) :smiley: