Shoutbox - 2014 Jan 20

This is the shoutbox topic (until something better comes along). Post any arbitrary ramblings here. Depending on how busy it gets, a new one may be created on a Monday.

This topic is now pinned. It will appear at the top of its category until it is either unpinned by a moderator, or the Clear Pin button is pressed.

Please bear in mind that it might take me a while to add you to the clan group so that you can see the clan topics.

I’m aware that the blurb text under pinned posts doesn’t render correctly - it shows raw html entities instead of things like apostrophes. The bug has been fixed, but will have to wait for the next version bump to get applied, which should be soon.

Also there appears to be a bug with private messaging - you could end up in notification hell. :frowning:

Someone posted a quick ref site regarding emoji on test. Please post it again.

its going to take me a while to get used to the new site. Time will tell if i throw my toys :smile:

You’ll see, it is very cool.

Facebook and twitter logins SHOULD be working now (I hope).

@LyynuS Remember Ceff/Lycanking? I was just browsing through the council archives and I found the original discussions. It’s very amusing!

5 minutes?

5 mins is pushing it, I be loving it

I wonder if that shoutbox project will get off the ground. From what I see its a thread like this but with live updating via applet that runs on the side of the thread view.

so i tried to create a new topic and chrome says “composer was opened without a draft key”

wat is dit?

this was done in chrome…

is the shout box now a thread-like?

I tried that New Topic thing and it said the “lid must be down before flushing”. Seriaaz?

Yes it is Souper (this 10 character minimum makes me type full sentences. Dammit)

want to hear a pizza joke?

nevermind its too cheesy

Oh yay I can use the shoutbox again. Happy days.

Use the IRC in your browser?

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