Shoutbox - 2014 Jan 20

Like Background picture above text ja noticed

Its a lie, I dont love joburg at all.

I must agree Arby ! :confused:

hahah Joburg sucks!!!

the photography you morons.

I need a CSS guru. This layout is frustrating the hell out of me. Half the problem is that I have to work with what is there, I can’t go and modify core code.

did someone kill the skype group chat?

Nope, it’s just idle?

for some reason i didnt see it anymore on my client. but saw it later when wingers started talking about some lamb

skype group chat? Jono wants in. :smile:

no … go away freak

yoh Uchi you can be lucky I do not have BF4 ekse else het ek jou kom lem sommer man :stuck_out_tongue:

kom! ek wag

lekker windg@t as ek nie daar kan wees nie ne :smiley:

Spreading the love i see.
Anyways so saturday i stalked every telkom bakkie in our area until one guy gave me a number he swore he never gave me. So monday i’m on that poor souls case

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Whats your skype handle Jono?


Just finished ME3 again, forgot what a fantastic game it is. I replayed it as an evil woman. Lots of fun.