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What’s ME3?

Mass Effect 3

I know the psychologists will have a field day with this, but I always seem to play as an evil woman

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Awesome game tonight guys , was brilliant how we destroyed 2 /3 bases , then get team swapped and win the game 2/3 vs 0/3 :smiley:

Rizzy, It does say a lot about you … Do you RP as well?

I would reply with some witty remark, but I seem to be at a loss :stuck_out_tongue:

To be perfectly honest, I think it’s the story arcs of the evil women that are the most interesting to play really

Yep, being a mean person adds far more to the game than being your ‘do gooder, typical hero’ type.

@InsanityFlea : mmhhh, that statement does explain why you like running around with a shotgun in BF4

TG’s the shotgun hoe, I’m the C4 clown.

:musical_note: I own, I own, it’s off your head gets blown :musical_note:

HUGE thanks to GeForce for sorting out my kak CSS issues!

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73meg update on Origin

So just their stupid daily update that breaks something new each time.

Just to confirm. The shoutbox is now a forum thread or is this just temporary?

It’s hopefully temporary.

Just noticed the filter options and the last post quick link. Nice :slight_smile:

Wow. Fast response geek.

1.2GB update on BF4!!! guys I would advice to start downloading !!!

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