Space Engineers

Love this game, Nice time killer too. I’m not as talented as some of the designers out there.

Have a look at some of them:

I’ll post some of my own work soon, although it’s nowhere near what some of these people do.

Update 01.019.010 has been released. We have implemented the synchronization of inventory in Multiplayer, added the name tag above the player’s character and the option to disable the headbob.

Full list of new Features and Fixes:

Update 01.019.012 added

  • fixed shadow not rendered bug
  • fixed teleporting ship in distance larger than 10 km from center
  • fixed small cargo container inventory highlight

Survival Mode!

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Sweet! we must get some game time in this weekend!

Should be cool.

Features list :

A quick way to get resources in survival mode:

  1. crash the ship into an asteroid so you die.
  2. You repsawn in a new ship, go to the old ship and use your grinder!

I did this because I couldn’t find any flipping uranium to keep the ship going. Once you run out of Uranium (reactor fuel) good bye power :frowning: You start off with 0.15g in the reactors, it doesn’t last.

More players, the easier it will get though imo.

I started out with two platforms.

It spawned me at B. No uranium, so the platform died eventually. Moved over to A where there was uranium.

Ah, you you take the uranium out of the reactor, place it in the ship’s cargo then die, you spawn with a brand new ship next to it :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as the other ship has no power it creates you a new ship.

@Vorty - you must definitely join us, it’s a lot of fun. Can’t tell you how many times I accidentally crashed my ship into something of Flea’s. :astonished:

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A resource cheat for MP Survival (depends on the world though, as I know the Platform worlds spawn you au naturel), this only works for connecting players, not the host. Once you spawn, go park your spawn ship somewhere useful. If you have gathered items, pop them into a cargo storage bay, then access your ship’s cockpit, press Y to turn everything off, and then disconnect. Reconnect and you spawn in a brand new ship. :smiley:

Aside from that, @InsanityFlea, I had an idea to build a large ship that is essentially a floating mining platform. It would have a large multi-tier funnel effort, possibly with a gravity generator (or more) at its highest points, with all the control components below the platform. That way you could simply fly the platform “underneath” (term being relative) an asteroid and mine it from below and catch all the lovely ore in the funnel.

Actually, it may be a better option to build a ship with drills - the ore gets stored inside the drills.

I’m going to build a small mining ship.

PPS, sent you a link to my save games. (can’t post here as it has edit rights)

Maybe you can do a mklink effort so our saves are in the cloud. Meh, the stuff we do without dedicated servers.

@Vorty FWIW, we have a dropbox folder shared with the savegame so we can all play it when no-one else is online.

@teejo we need to figure out a way to back it up in case of corruption, what you think?

Something very cool, all your save games that are in creative mode can be changed to survival mode now :smile:
All you do is highlight the save game via load game, click ‘change settings’ and set as you desire.

I think a 7z or something every now and then should be good. Can just back up the particular folder we’re playing.
I’m gonna mklink that particular save to my own saves folder.

cool, will zip after I exit a session.

Here’s a nice little performance guide:
(so we dont get 3 fps inside something)

Solar panels are here! (update today) :smiley:

Some very nice updates!

There’s a survey:

They’ve done another update with some fixes.

They have found all the bugs we got, and are fixing them. The inventory crash has been patched so far, the cargo boxes not yet.

Same day, update + bug fix, wish dice could do that.

Don’t be scared to use stuff from Alpha, it has got a shed load of items and ore.