Space Engineers


Yeah I borrowed some silicon fibre from there. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Found this on the website : If the player dies, he is respawned in his medical room. If he does not have a medical room, then he is respawned in a rescue ship at a distant location in the sector.

It’s scary to think they say the game is still in alpha phase, it feels more like beta :stuck_out_tongue:


Howzit. I’m still around. Just lurking because of work


FWIW, those who can’t get the steam overlay working in SE, turn off Fraps or DXtory if it’s running.


That might explain my issue. Weird how it’s suddenly conflicting though.


Did some further testing, if you quit fraps, start the game, then start fraps again, fraps crashes with a DX error. Strange.


Cargo Ships?


Had a laugh at this one:

Warning Language:

Can’t really think of anything else besides cargo ships. But why? you can make your own.

Some useless info:
SE is now number 7 on steam’s top sellers.


I edited it - the spoiler made it difficult to get the link.


lol i did that for the “S” word


I’m sure most people can live with it.


I just couldn’t get into the game… Perhaps if I try it out when someone else is on or something?


Flea or I are often running an MP session (usually the same one)
Meaning, no matter who is hosting, it’s usually the same save file as we’re sharing it via dropbox.


I’m removing all those useless asteroids with no minerals, it’s making the save file a lot smaller.

What I loved from the AMA:

Factions & ownership. You can hack another persons ships or station if they are in a different faction.
Wheel block incoming

“Conveyors can connect to each other and then route items. You would be able to place them in any configuration and then use Inventory screen to send items from one place to another.
We added conveyors (even as placeholders) to the game in its early stage because we realized people will need them especially for transporting ammo to weapons and turrets.
There was actually a funny idea that you could put yourself into a conveyor and send yourself to some other place.
There are some challenges too - conveyors will have to handle “traffic jams”, “dead ends” etc”.

We are working on dedicated servers right now, they will be hosted by players

Space Engineers was mostly influenced by LEGO Technic. Also by NASA technology and how their stuff looks.

We use HAVOK on the lowest level of physics engine. We build our own destruction and deformations mechanics on top of it. It took Ondrej about 1 month to do this. Of course we are still improving it, e.g. we still need to add proper collision meshes on deformed non-armor blocks.

annnd it had to happen:

What update are you planning to do tomorrow?
Is it a cargo ships ? Cargo suits ?

Cargo Ships :slight_smile:

You can read it here:

Modding guide: (note, more mod support coming soon)


Update is here:

I’m not gonna do a copy pasta here :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to build those fighters TG, take down those cargo vessels :smiley:


For the convenience of editing worlds:


Update version 01.023.014:

  • fixed update of power in solar panel
  • fixed join game using invite
  • fixed crash when using tools or weapons obtained from cargo ships


Survey results


Update 01.024: It’s raining meteorites in Space Engineers!
We have added environmental hazards - meteor storms (safe, normal, cataclysm, Armageddon). You should find ways to protect your character and your creations.
Also, you can now apply colors on more types of blocks and disable crosshair.