Space Engineers


Space Engineers is on sale today (05/04/2014) on Steam.



  • glass window blocks
  • two new types of large ship cockpits - can be used in first and third person view
  • artificial mass block – can be used to add gravity-affected mass to ships, useful in machine ships or cars
  • toolbar config screen: list of building blocks is scrollable
  • save game is executed on background
  • reduced meteor velocity
  • rendering and game-updating are now independent (increased performance, removed FPS limit) — this is a first step in our performance enhancements initiative


  • fixed lag caused by 3rd person camera
  • fixed startup issues caused by FIPS policy enforcement in registry
  • fixed issues with copying cargo ships
  • fixed medbay sounds
  • fixed painting without preview in survival


SEToolbox- does not run at all with the current release.


K, so I messed around last night. Sad that there doesn`t seem to be some persistent multiplayer universe where all our stuff hangs around… Or even a dropbox plugin for SE\

Have you guys looked at this ?
 Roaming Server File Manager (NOW WITH AUTOMATIC UPLOADS V2.0)

Tutorials for noobs like mwah


Dropbox plugin? Pffft! You’re funny.

The way we do it is that Flea shared his saves folder and I simply mklink /j the particular world we play in to my own saves folder.

@InsanityFlea - I suggest perhaps that you unshare your entire saves folder, put our world folder into a shared dropbox folder, and then mklink /j back to your saves.

@iNgeon basically, every time you want to play the shared world, check if anybody in your Steam friends list is playing - if so, launch SE and check if the MP world is playing. If not, and you haven’t seen any recent changes to the DropBox folder, load up the world, or join the existing one.

Also, let me or flea know your dropbox user / email so that we can add you to the share. - This goes for anyone who wants to join us, @Vorty, @BlackSheep (who needs to get the game still).

NOTE: You don’t have to link to the dropbox shared folder - this is only if you want to play the world when nobody else is already hosting.


For what it’s worth - with the glass… it matters which way you install it. One side is more transparent than the other. There are inverted versions of the glass, so if it’s the wrong way round when you install it, use the other version. I’ve only messed around with the square/rectangular panes. Also - check you have the correct colour selected - it matters for the frame.

Also, the newest version of SEToolbox works.


I’ve done the new share. I’ve invited TG, I just need your dropbox email addy @iNgeon

Inside the survival mode (x3) folder is a folder called backups, which has our backups and ship models etc exported from SET


Not quite what I meant @InsanityFlea - I meant to have a shared folder called Space Engineers (or similar) and in THAT we have the save folder. This will allow us to add more save folders to share if necessary.


DropBox Root\Space Engineers\Survival Mode (x3)

The “Space Engineers” folder being the shared one. Then we could have a folder within there for the models to import etc.

Similar to what we had when you shared your entire saves folder - just without the possibility that someone can come and mess up your other save files :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem is that my whole saves directory is on dropbox because I use two different machines.

My dropbox is: Space engineers\saves\ {steamid) \Survival Mode (x3)

Hence I just shared the “survival mode (x3)” folder

What i could also do is create another shared folder for all our crap.


Maybe it would be easier for you if I created the shared folder (I won’t use the same name so you won’t have a conflict.)
Then I can copy the saved folder over to it, and you can unshare?


Go for it :smile:

@iNgeon open command prompt as an administrator, type the following:

Mklink /j "%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\SpaceEngineers\Saves\{steamid}\Space Geeks" "C:\dropbox\se Shared\Space Geeks"


  • check your steamid and replace {steamid} with that number EG: ~\saves\12490870411\Space Geeks (x3)
  • Replace C:\dropbox with the location of your dropbox. EG : D:\dropbox


Ok, done. I’ve shared with you.
You can unshare the save.


Where the heck is the actual SE saves folder? I can’t remember.
Never mind, found it.


How cool is this?



New survey about 3d printed models, some people have already done them, they look awesome!


Short movie about Space Engineers and Keen Software House

*enable captions for english


We are looking for Game Programmers. If you or any of your friends are interested, please read here for more details:

— Space Engineers (@SpaceEngineersG) May 5, 2014

Looks like they want to expand :smiley:


I find this incredibly relevant to SE :laughing:


I’ve been trying to get the hang of this in creative mode - I’ve had a few occurances of the above happen…
Don’t add artificially weighted blocks to your space craft when it’s floating in the gravity field above your space station.