Space Engineers


LOL! Don’t mess with mass blocks!


I love the fighting robots :smile:


I see the memory issue has been reported:

Caused by: drills, grinders & audio & host with clients connected.

Hot fix is inbound sometime today.


That’s awesome.



I have to redesign Caterpillar. The small conveyors don’t feed through steel plate & interior plate & tubes. Those need large conveyors.


Yip. Small tube is fine for mining ships, but for salvage / welding ships and cargo ships, you’ll need large.




To shape asteroids without mining them, use right click while the drills are selected.




Hi guys

How many War Geeks have/play SE?

We are looking for a local group to compete/play against on our dedi server.


A few of us have it

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Romeo_Mike Steam Group

Cool, i’ll come check it out :slight_smile:


Cool, we’ll need your steam group id so we can grant access. Let us know. When and we can start a new multi platform world, discuss rules etc


Wargeeks: 103582791430711217


Check out this guy’s mods :

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This is how it must be played!


Heh, wish I could, but the wife and kids always hog the living room.