Space Engineers


TG was feeling a bit sad that day.


Using the new Projectors update, this guy made a working 3d printer! Epic!


This just happened to me. Go home steam, you’re drunk.


They really need to get some AI in this game now. People are jerks.


Wow, I’m sorry. :frowning:


Try playing on a public server, not ours :wink:




Regarding the recent update if your station isn’t connected to an asteroid it becomes a ship and it can move thus meaning this is for when planets come out so if a piece gets disconnected it falls

so just be careful in the future when making the stations


Problem was caused by the server option ‘Enable Station Voxel Support’. Fine for new worlds I suppose, not for old world saves.


that’s part of the update check here for a full description


Notice to all SE players in the survival world the weird red things you will see on the side of the station are my ships thruster modules they currently need uranium for their reactors and so cannot give you a boost


Subscribe to this:

It’s installed on the server, but for some reason only seems to work if you install it locally too.


my survival ship 2.0 is finished unfortunately the first welder was destroyed when some glitching happened

if you see some components with merge blocks around please leave them they are mod attachments for my new ship


I’ve abandoned my omega station due to the fact my pc couldn’t handle it so now i need help with my Calcutta class cruiser. i just need help with piping it up and some back thruster placement help


Major Physics Overhaul


Towards the end of the video I could only pick out certain words… the rest all melded together in to gibberish.