Star Citizen



Wow…how have i not heard of this before?


Star Marine is finally out


Handling of multi crew ships in persistent universe (isp disconnects,saving,ship owner logouts,ship theft,rage-quit’s,roles,maintenance,missions,mining,farming,beacons for jobs\emergencies) etc.

Edit Ps. 2.6.1 Alpha another 30GB is out, sofar it feels impressive vs 2.6.0

Battlefield 1


I just updated my 3Dmark and it now has a Vulkan test. WOW

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@iNgeon 's test:

This is my test: (check DX12!)

Updated with 4770k + 1070TI (notice how powerful the old R9 290 was in dx12, it was ahead of it’s time!)


It’s a pity they dont use DX12 as well. But I suppose it’s easier to develop on a single API. Vulkan doesn’t max the gpu usage whereas DX12 does. (getting the best out of my card from dx12)


edit: crap another 30GB hit today to 2.6.3 (played last night with some danish peeps was fun)
Also, there is a new forum that was introduced, its intresting, go check it out and would enjoy comments about it.


This game needs to hurry up now.




"There is no such thing as a background asset"

The above link is a summary of the video below

3.0 date shifted into August (to be ready for Gamescon 2017-08-23 to Saturday, 2017-08-26)


I’m sure we can expect 3.0 after CitizenCon 2947 which will be held on Friday 27th October at Capitol Theater in Frankfurt

Quite funny to watch, who needs track-ir 11m29s

Above a summary video with behind the scenes 23m35s

Also above the full Gamescon 2017 has been uploaded. Looooong video on 3.0 finals 2h28m

  • If you watched Gamescon 2016 video, its basically a straight followup till 1h47m35s (watched it in x2.0 speed), 1h52m39s to 2h01m15s is above Faceware video I first linked and after that a dual capital ship fight
  • You can skip from 53m00s to 1h21m30s due to a crash recovery on demo with the main pilots PC crash
  • Persistence when disconnecting applies from 3.0 (crash ship/stays crashed, land on moon/stays on moon, fuel usage etc.)

I found 2 interesting reads, the 2nd is an extremely long read (around 20+ pages):


Cute gimmick, but I wish they would rather work on getting the game finished.


It seems like as soon as they achieve some milestones, they listen to the public then make changes. IMHO they should just finish it then add all the extra touches the public want later, it’s just adding to the development time. Look at the Vulkan fiasco, they built everything around DX12 now they need to port everything across to vulkan, as well as the engine, built everything on Cry engine, then spent last year porting all of it over to Lumberyard …

Is Vulkan the API they are settling for and will Lumberyard be the final game engine? (before the community cries out again?)

Lets no go into the numerous missed deadlines, are they just setting the targets too high? (Single player was meant to be out last year December)

It will probably be a 7 year project. (2017 marks the project’s 5th year)


To be fair, lumberyard is just a fork of Cryengine, so shouldn’t have been too hard to port over.


Agreed, but it did take the better part of a year.


So i didn’t know but Voice Attack has been on steam since mid 2017.
These are 2 voice packs i saw the other day, and it’s very clever.
Apparently a profile gives you access to both Elite Dangerous and SC.

Trekkie fans

A sweet and short no BS pack


But what if my ship is Afrikaans? (I call it the box) :stuck_out_tongue:


So i opened a twitch account a while ago but watched my first live show yesterday. CitizenCON. Was pretty cool as it was fixed around UK time :sunny:

CitizenCon Summary 9min

CitizenCon Full edit video 37min

Found this intresting:

Some Joystick Info:
Until now i owned a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro the defacto budget stick and because of budget and lack of options I never bought another. I now however own the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Some setup hiccups for old legacy games but after grinding my head one Saturday, now know it’s not rocket science. What is a bit disappointing is the lack of community profiles for existing games on Thrustmaster’s site. Except for that I’m loving it, just getting the fine motor-skills now but can feel the improvement, just like playing guitar :slight_smile: I’m busy hacking away in X3 Reunion and never have to lift my hands, it is awesome . Target Script X3 Reunion

And some pointless injin fanboy story:
After watching the below you can see the first 2 years was basically major settling issues and they almost scrapped everything and that development wise they’re only on year 3 now, so Flea’s 7year estimation is probably spot on.

So went away for work to Kimberley, had an awesome guesthouse experience with probably the best wifi i’ve ever had. I also love the fact that youtube now finally has the speed multipliers native on android and apple’s.

I thought it was time to catch up on my SC stuff so i binge watched 2 playlists: Happy Hour (basically Chris Roberts as a game developer from age 12 up to 2012 mixed with interviews with Game Devs) and Citizens of the Stars (A mini show around the community and content they create) Thoroughly enjoyed it at 1.5x


3.0 has reached test wave PTU wave 2 and after this sale apparently prices are going up.
On this sale if you look for it most ships come with 60months insurance especially start game packages.

8 ATV from this sale focused on ships manufacturers

3.0 PTU In Game Tipe Lapse