Star Citizen



Mine is still “Estimating…” but it’s showing 6hrs at 1.1MB/s.

I’ll update when I get an actual size, but probably around 25gb.

I stopped paying attention for a while, it’s now showing 23.7gb remaining, so my initial guesstimate wasn’t far off.


Port Olisar menu item in Universe is now Crusader. I believe this is the planet the station is orbiting.

I tried with the XBox controller - it’s not bad, for flight anyway. It’s uncomfortable for on foot.

I need to get a printout of the controller layout, it’s awkward having to go in to the menus when I forget what function is where.


Based on your freelancer quote, I found this quite interesting to watch, with a few LoL’s:






The game is just getting better. Hopefully we’ll be playing this time next year.


A brief summary of events before they released that video.


Wow…how have i not heard of this before?


Star Marine is finally out


Handling of multi crew ships in persistent universe (isp disconnects,saving,ship owner logouts,ship theft,rage-quit’s,roles,maintenance,missions,mining,farming,beacons for jobs\emergencies) etc.

Edit Ps. 2.6.1 Alpha another 30GB is out, sofar it feels impressive vs 2.6.0

Battlefield 1


I just updated my 3Dmark and it now has a Vulkan test. WOW

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@iNgeon 's test:

This is my test: (check DX12!)

Updated with 4770k + 1070TI (notice how powerful the old R9 290 was in dx12, it was ahead of it’s time!)


It’s a pity they dont use DX12 as well. But I suppose it’s easier to develop on a single API. Vulkan doesn’t max the gpu usage whereas DX12 does. (getting the best out of my card from dx12)


edit: crap another 30GB hit today to 2.6.3 (played last night with some danish peeps was fun)
Also, there is a new forum that was introduced, its intresting, go check it out and would enjoy comments about it.


This game needs to hurry up now.




“There is no such thing as a background asset”

The above link is a summary of the video below

3.0 date shifted into August (to be ready for Gamescon 2017-08-23 to Saturday, 2017-08-26)


I’m sure we can expect 3.0 after CitizenCon 2947 which will be held on Friday 27th October at Capitol Theater in Frankfurt

Quite funny to watch, who needs track-ir 11m29s

Above a summary video with behind the scenes 23m35s

Also above the full Gamescon 2017 has been uploaded. Looooong video on 3.0 finals 2h28m

  • If you watched Gamescon 2016 video, its basically a straight followup till 1h47m35s (watched it in x2.0 speed), 1h52m39s to 2h01m15s is above Faceware video I first linked and after that a dual capital ship fight
  • You can skip from 53m00s to 1h21m30s due to a crash recovery on demo with the main pilots PC crash
  • Persistence when disconnecting applies from 3.0 (crash ship/stays crashed, land on moon/stays on moon, fuel usage etc.)

I found 2 interesting reads, the 2nd is an extremely long read (around 20+ pages):