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I’ll just leave this here…


Interesting comment, since we were briefly talking about SC on the WhatsApp group earlier today.


[7:13 PM] iNgeon: So I finally updated star citizen to 2.4.1 and I must say I’m super excited still about this game. I started last Friday night playing around 9pm and forced myself to bed around 5am Saturday. There was a bunch of awesome people. Played a little on multicrew ships and flew with a bunch of funky ships (after a few guys said yah sure get in and take it for a spin but dont crash pls)
[7:13 PM] iNgeon: Still alpha but I loooooved it
[7:14 PM] iNgeon: It also helped alot that I downloaded the starcitizen mouse\keyboard\joystick configurator from gitbug (which I shared on our site) which made it a breeze to setup
[7:15 PM] iNgeon: Did a few missions with peeps and found the experience quite enjoyable. Id love to try a hotas.
[7:16 PM] iNgeon: But even keyboard (a ton of staggered keybinds to memorize) and my logitech 3d pro (after tweaking) was very pleasant(edited)
[7:19 PM] iNgeon: It does suck a little now getting back in my original pledge :ship:

@iNgeon from Discord.

Ok, fine. Sigh. I’ll update my copy. Maybe if all the other suckers update, we can meet up and mess about?

Ingie, where did you share the configurator? Never mind, I see it above.


I’m game, tonight or this Sunday ?


The motion blur makes me want to hurl.

Here’s how to get rid of it:


Mucking about at Port Olivar in Universe was interesting.

The game is currently incredibly glitchy. It’s so bad that it is quite easy to make off with someone else’s ship… although at the moment it is of no matter as there’s no penalty for losing your ship, or for dying. There is a penalty for crime though - you get a crime stat (or two or more), which you then have to do quests to get rid of… but it’s tough because you become a target once you’re out of the safe zone.

In terms of the glitchiness, you can easily glitch out of your own ships. It’s quite ridiculous… just the act of trying to access your flight seat can result in you being ejected and end up standing on the roof of the vehicle.

So many times you spawn, and you either have no model at all, or are missing critical parts of your player. Or you get stuck in your bed – The spawn animation has you getting out of bed and standing up.

The game still needs serious optimisation. It runs badly even on ‘low’. Constant pauses that can last from a second to 10 or more seconds before you regain control. This makes flight around the stations interesting.
Controls are a royal pain to try configure. You can just about forget about using the in-game interface for it. There’s a third party util that @iNgeon linked above, but at first glance it’s nearly incomprehensible. And even though I have a “working” config loaded, the throttle on my hotas refuses to work at all, which is very annoying. I can at least fly with the stick.

All that aside, assuming they get this game to a playable state in … what, the next two years if we’re lucky, this might end up being quite an epic game to play.


Here’s a big “Oohhhh”.

I was wondering about the apparent slow speed of the ships we were flying around. That’s because when you lift off the pad, it’s in PREcision landing mode which allows a max speed of 50m/s. Press ‘v’ to switch to Sub-Cruise Mode (SCM). If your throttle is >50% and you press ‘v’ while in SCM, you will go in to CRUise mode, which is for long distances (but too short for QT). Press ‘v’ while throttle is <50%, you will go to PRE mode. Press ‘v’ while in CRU mode to return to SCM mode.


Did two missions this morning, reduced my crime stat to zero and did a com link repair. A quick easy 1000 credits. I tried to do a third but glitched out of the ship at the array which kills you. Took down four pirates in the process, they are pretty weak only takes a few shots to kill them. Aim for the cockpits.


I had fun, even while laughing at you 2’s frustrations :grin: and eventually myself wanting to throw my toys.
I really wanted to go back flea at that station and kept getting stuck in silly pointless places.
I still feel last night was way more glitchy then my first solo run.

Ps. I thought you heard flea commenting on doing that cause he was also tampering and then figured it out.
At least you cleared up the t.l.a’s for me now.
I must admit, with the amount of keybinds I’m possibly considering sticking to my 3d pro and keyboard instead of a hotas, and also still quite puzzled as to why you couldn’t get throttle working.

I’m also wondering if those user.cfg files aren’t causing extra glitching


The user.cfg is just for the graphics, to make the game ‘playable’ - ish.




Nice to read afterwards:


That looks good! So glad it’s like freelancer and a bit more.


@Darnit696 Tagging you to look at the two videos that iNgie linked above.


That demo was “Alpha 3.0”. We’ve yet to get 2.5 Live which is coming soon. 2.5 was pushed to PTU (public test universe) on August 20th. You can switch to PTU using the website.

They have stated:

“We’re close to getting 2.5.0 to Live. We’ll be working on a couple more performance issues to increase the FPS before rolling it out.”

Edit: this is also handy:

Edit 1: Alpha 2.5 video:


This is my USER.cfg

Con_Restricted = 0
sys_spec = 1
r_VSync = 0
e_ShadowsMaxTexRes = 128
e_ShadowsReScale = 20
e_GsmCache = 1
r_AntialiasingMode = 1
r_DeferredShadingFilterGBuffer = 1
r_TexMaxAnisotropy = 16
r_TexMinAnisotropy = 16
r_Sharpening = 0.4
i_Mouse_Accel = 0.0
i_Mouse_Smooth = 0.0
r_MotionBlur = 0
r_DepthOfField = 0
r_ShadowBlur = 0
g_radialBlur = 0
r_HDRBrightLevel = 0
r_HDRBloomRatio = 0
hud_bobHud = 0
r_ChromaticAberration = 0
r_ssdo = 1
r_ssao = 0
r_SilhouettePOM = 0
r_FullscreenWindow = 1
r_width = 1920
r_height = 1080
r_SSReflections = 1
r_ColorGrading = 1
r_TesselationTriangleSize = 20


Apparently the FPS issue is server side related and there’s only so much we can do user side. I recommend subbing to the reddit thread.


Check this guy’s testing:

Comment from discussion Official 2.5.0 PTU Performance Feedback Thread.


With regards to currency:

aUEC is Alpha United Earth Credits, anything bought with this currency will be wiped when the Beta arrives.

bUEC is Beta United Earth Credits, anything bought with this currency will be wiped after beta phase.

UEC - the real deal, no wipes.

Anything purchased with Randella’s stays.


This was pretty interesting. (bug fixing)


Released, wondering what the actual download size will be.

Ps. As for Flea’s Freelancer post, that’s the reason I pledged.
I Loved Freelancer, even with the excessive repetitive voice overs and character\visual appearances duplication etc.
For years I look for a reboot,digital enhanced version, a sequel or anything remotely worth it.
When I saw Chris Roberts started a crow funder for SC I jumped for it immediately :smiley:
Ooh, and to find Grim Hex, jump from Port Olisar to ICC Probe, then to Yela. Then fly straight and dig around the asteroid field.
Latest Keybinds updated for 2.5 (jpg and PDF)



KEY - | Decrease Power / ()Power Min | REMOVED, KEY NOW EMPTY
KEY + | Increase Power / (
TAB | Scan Mode Toggle / ()Scan Active Ping | ADDED
KEY W | ()Throttle Max | REMOVED
KEY S | (
)Throttle Zero | REMOVED
KEY F | (
)Exit Seat | REMOVED (M1)() from Exit Seat and REPLACED with ()
)Afterburner | Tap then Hold changed from *** to ****
KEY X | Space Brake | (M1) removed from Space Brake
KEY N | Landing Mode Toggle / (*)Autoland | REPLACED Landing System / (M2)Automatic Landing
NUM 7 | (M1)Decrease Cooler Rate | ADDED
NUM 8 | (M1)Increase Cooler Rate | ADDED
NUM 4 | (M1)Decrease Power / (M1)()Power Min | ADDED
NUM 5 | (M1)Increase Power / (M1)(
)Power Max | Added




F9 & F10 | SCOREBOARD | SWAPPED. SCOREBOARD now on F9 and F10 Empty
TAB | Scan Mode Toggle / (*)Scan Active Ping | ADDED

** Added new TARGET(TGT) and TOGGLE(TGL) Icons

add - new actionmaps from SC 2.5.0 alpha to choose from in Settings
update - fallback default profile from SC 2.5.0 alpha :slight_smile:

throttle and analogue sticks


Important takeout from notes, “Exit Seat is now “Hold F” on keyboard and “Hold Y” on gamepad.”. That is all.[/quote]

Dunno about you guys but I was already doing this?

edit: full notes: