Star Citizen



I often have to test software for work. For me, playing games is about relaxing, so sadly these days I avoid anything that is a beta program or early access. I prefer to get paid for work, not pay to find bugs in other people’s software.


For those not wanting to download yet.
30GB vs. video you can scan :wink:

One with commentary and snail pace (31min):

And a fast run around without commentary (14min):




This latest version of the Star Citizen launcher is killing my router. Literally.

As soon as it starts downloading, my router dies. Annoyingly, even if you kill the launcher, it leaves ‘CIGPatcher.exe’ running, which keeps the router down. As soon as you kill the process, the router starts responding again. It’s very weird.

The first red dot is shortly after I’ve logged in to the launcher, and the download begins.


I can’t even patch my game , says patch is corrupt with repatch everything , but even that doesn’t work.

so It seems if I want to play this I will have to redownload the whole game , it’s now prob at around 70Gb ?


I’m giving up on it for now.


Come get it from me.


This is amazing:

(ATV 2.2 Constellation Explosion Supercut & Sneak Peek)


& Coming soon


Finally got this thing loaded again.

After spawning in the hangar, for some reason I decided to turn around and found a small elevator with a keypad. Using the keypad allowed me to select a new area. Initially, after a bit of time spent on a loading screen, I got an error message that I had been kicked. I respawned back in my hangar, and tried again. This time, it loaded me in to a very cool city area. It’s just eye candy at the moment, literally nothing to interact with apart from the few doors you need to go through to get outside, but it’s a very nice place to explore for 20 minutes or so. I really like the detail, it makes me wish that you had a bit more freedom and could get to all the areas you can see, but maybe that’s still coming. There are random NPCs that spawn and run through the area, although while exploring “Jobwell”, I swear I bumped in to another player. He was dressed slightly differently than the normal running NPCs that I saw, and he was behaving like a player, ie randomly jumping around. I’m really not sure if it was a player, or just some weird incarnation of an NPC. Anyway, I left him inside Jobwell while I went exploring further.

Character movement is terrible. It feels like you are disabled and can only totter around. Step step, pause. Step step, pause. And it feels like you’re running through molasses.

So, 25-odd gb download, and all you have to show for it is a huge hangar to walk around, an outside area to look at, and about three flight modes that I have no desire to play at all.


Another 29.6GB download…

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is here! Today, we
are proud to make the next major step in Star Citizen’s evolution
available to all players. This major update to Star Citizen is available
now in your launcher. With Alpha 2.0, we introduce a wide swath of
features, including large world maps, multi-crew ships, seamless first
person combat, missions and much more. In short: this is the biggest
update to Star Citizen yet!

Feature List

You can find the complete Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 patch notes here.





Star Citizen is free this week, for you freaks who don’t mind blowing 30gb to download it only for a few days.

And in other news:

So if you purchase Star Citizen after Feb 14th, you will have to pay extra for Squadron 42.


Patch size issue 2min9s - 5min30s


Star Citizen Alpha 2.4 is now live! This major update to Star Citizen’s persistent universe is now available in your launcher. Alpha 2.4 introduces the first iteration of in-game persistence and shopping, as well as major changes to the controls, updates to the ship roster (including making the massive Starfarer flyable in-game), bug fixes, balance updates and more! In short, this is our biggest and most important update since Star Citizen Alpha 2.0.

You can read all about the new systems below, and find a complete list of changes in the 2.4 Patch Notes here.

Ps. on Nvidia i did the following and it did improve my framerate stability:

ooh and latest keybinds in a pdf


This “game” irritates me. Every time there’s an update, it’s ~23gb to download. Stuff that.


3rd World internet speed issues. :unamused:


Well to compensate the launcher does calculate the estimated time in days. :laughing: