Star Citizen



Arena Commander 1.0 (19.6GB)

Ps. To avoid getting broken font in the game, in the launcher go to settings and make sure english is selected
under language. This fixed mine.

For old Freelancer junkies: (thx @sgtbigsmoke)

Oh and found


this game"s graphics is amazing!!!, but my PC won’t be able to hold this game :imp:


Upcoming v1.1.0


Something Interesting


Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve given up for now. I have no need to play it.


  • The new installer fixes many small installation bugs, crashes, and bad data errors players were seeing.
  • The installer no longer defaults a player’s install to the “My Documents” folder, but the standard Program Files folder.
  • With the new CDN, we have done away with the hundreds of incremental patches that were stored on our old provider. These hundreds of patches represented almost 600gigs of possible problems that players could encounter, leading to Metafile errors, Manifest errors, and other squirrely behavior.

After today, there will only be two patches on our CDN; 1.0.3 -> 1.1.0 and Nothing -> 1.1.0. Also, download speed should have been significantly improved with this switch to Cloudfront, as well as many closer locations to download from.

We hope the relatively clean slate and lower error rate will make up for the inconvenience of having to reinstall the game. There are more improvements on the horizon as well. We are working towards a new and significantly cleaner launcher that should make this whole experience more seemless.

We strongly advise players follow these instructions step-by-step to minimize the chance of any unexpected technical issues.

Ps. I don`t see RSA >


Glad that they’re working on the launcher issues.


Amazon do have servers here (ZA) so I dunno :confused:


There is no CloudFront servers in SA. We are moaning about it, but have no ETA.


Ah ok, what are the ones we do have here? Just content distribution @gus?


Cloudfront is the CDN. Amazon does not have any in SA or anywhere in Africa.


Patch from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3, 20GB later…



whats up with the new launcher? :confused:


Ok, that’s retro. So they went to that from this:


… and back again. Weird.


Meh. So downloading 25gb yet again. Hopefully it’s not a waste. I swear I’ve downloaded about 500gb of this game over time, and not one bit of it has blown me away thus far. So far I’m very disappointed in this.


Reason I went for the basic starter pack:

Ps.There seems to be 2 installers currently. The old one and this new one to properly update to v1.2 (what appears to be client v2.3.8)
Since my oriingal installer it also changed the default install directory (and launcher icon) to \Games\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen as default.

The new downloader dropped a lot of advanced download options\speed settings\etc. to a slight numbed down version. It also restarted 30GB download :rage:


Not to be that guy, but…

Not to mention the game has only been in development for 2.5 years. It’ll be 3 in November. Wanna go ahead and compare what is the fastest dev cycle in history (so far) to any other similar AAA game? Some examples:

Fallout 4 - 7 years working with existing engine and team
Grand Theft Auto 5 - 5 years while working with an existing engine and team
Planetside 2 - ~9 years with an existing team and new engine

I’ll agree, the patches so far are pretty pointless in terms of what they bring to the table vs the download sizes, but they’re using this time to develop a proper CDN system and system compatibility while others are working on Squadron 42 and elements of the PU.