Star Citizen



I had that initially when I first launched… very funky psychedelic colours, but it cleared after about a minute.


yip exactly the same here … also when I put on the helmet I get broken gfx effects for a few minutes then all gets normal


New Hangars, co-op crew a ship, racing etc.


The launcher is now downloading patches at (almost) my full line speed.


Haha, first episode of Top Gravity

Added: Cooperative Vanduul Swarm game mode, Classic Race game mode, Private Matches, Friend Codes system, new hangars,New game/pause menu,Added spectator cam after you are destroyed.

Cool things:

  • Implemented 6DOF controls and flight mechanics for all of our ships improving axis movement and flexibility
  • New control schemes: You can now select between multiple popular preset control schemes
  • Fixed Weapons and Convergence, ensure that if you line up your gun cross properly, you won’t miss
  • Improved Ship Performance: We’ve increased the top speed of every ship
  • Improved Sound: Effects that help make the ‘Verse feel more immersive. Everything from the
    ships, weapons, and environment have completely new sound effects
  • Added support for players to select their active hangar on the website


  • Players receive a “You died” message and are forced to respawn after launching Free Flight @random

If you have slow download with the patcher, use a download manager such as Free Download Manager.
Run the Launcher once to let it patch itself then when you hit the rough 15GB use the following:
These go in StarCitizen\CitizenClient\patchdata.Data (just copy don`t extract)

(added by TG)

Size 15.2GB

Second patch is small but here are the links for reference:

Size 7.5MB


NOTE: Run the launcher between each version download so that it can apply the downloaded patch.



Mine works just fine, used the launcher all the way :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine broke too, having to download from scratch.
Seems it is happening quite a lot.


I have fixed my problem “Download failed (Unable to initialize content from meta file)” by going into Options and checking "Enable Patch Repair"
Then I clicked on the new button that appeared below the error message (cannot remember the exact wording). It downloaded about 8MB and now it seems OK


quick fix for the launcher method, delete all the *.version files. Then open the launcher again. (note you will have to download 20gb)

That vid is epic!


Didn’t work for me unfortunately.


Check this out:


Now this is awesome:

Found only two open source ones:

Ps. When creating a GAVPI profile and saving to xml, make sure to “Stop” listening before “modifying” else it seems to glitch the bindings.

My GAVPI 0.03 profile using SC v0.9.1.3 Default kb layout

  • Extract GAVPI and copy profile in same folder
  • Launch
  • Profile > Modify > File > Load (select xml) > File > Close > Listen

The app and profiles can be launched anytime.
I couldn’t get boost to work as i believe the key up\down is buggy.

ps. I might have been bored :wink:



Pretty cool. It will play havoc on TS too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can just imagine everyone yelling EJECT!


PAX FPS demo

Ps. With patch 0.9.2 i can actually play arena commander without the previous headaches i had.
I use the Logitech extreme pro and can actually fly and kill and must say enjoyed that now :slight_smile:

Ps. In case anybody missed this flea posted something pretty amazing in chatbox

Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X purchase possibilities



v0.9.2.2 Patch Notes


Gladiator is now hangar ready
Added Holiday Wreath to game files but it is not yet visible in game
Added drunk effect for the Liquor Cabinet (Please drink responsibly)

Known Issues:

Strafe up and down is inconsistent in Hornet
Power plant explosions don’t inherit velocity of the ship they emanate from
Wingmen stop flying between waves in Vanduul Swarm
Wingman don’t react to being shot by allies
Game Client steals mouse focus when loading into the hangar


Voice Attack